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Highlights of the Week #3

image1-2Some weeks are just average, while others give a boost of happiness. Well, this week in particular has been super fun, interesting and different.  I filled you in on Tuesday, when my friends and I were walking around and seeing different places in Copenhagen. Even though, I’ve lived here for almost two years there are still so many places I haven’t seen yet. The beginning of the week was a little quiet, but I mean aren’t all Mondays like that? It started out with the video that I was supposed to upload on YouTube being completely deleted from my computer. Yeah, great start! But, without letting that ruin my day I decided to share another post a little earlier than planned. The day after, was when we went out to explore Copenhagen – at the same time my friend was taking over an international snapchat, where she was showing people around the capital. It was fun, especially because some of the places that we went to were completely new to me as well. However, a couple of other things have been on on my list of highlights of the week and they are:

1. I’ve gotten completely over my cold. I know I mentioned that last week, but without being too gross and tmi – there are always some kind of leftovers when it comes to a cold. Whether that’s a sore throat, a stuffy nose or just exhaustion in general. So, it was great finally being well again and especially being able to not ruin the foundation on my nose (because of all the nose wiping) was even greater. I told you it was a little bit tmi.

2. Payday! The fact that payday was a little earlier this month just made life so much better.

3. I’ve started using my bullet journal and I just love the feeling you get when everything in your life is (sort of) organized. I’ve worked out much more this week compared to the previous one and it’s such a great feeling. Hopefully I can do so next week as well.

4.I spent my Saturday with some brunch, shopping and just relaxing AND I restocked on my Elizabeth Arden ‘Superstart Skin Renewal Booster.’ I’ve added a serum to my skincare routine as well. I’m so glad that I decided to invest in my skin more than six months ago. I’ve just noticed how healthy my skin has become – before that I was just using whatever cream I could get my hands on that said “for dry skin.” I know, not so healthy. Your skin is important, so invest in it!


5. Besides shopping, my friend came over and we got to relax and really put our minds off all the stress we’ve had during the week. Getting up around 5.30 every day can get really tiring when you’re reaching the end of the week. I know, I know, some people have it harder, but it’s okay to whine about one’s own life sometimes.

6. Last, but definitely not least! I ordered a ticket for my mom to come and visit me. She’s coming over tomorrow and it’s going to be super exciting having her over. Especially because mothers usually don’t visit you empty handed. We haven’t seen each other in two weeks, which isn’t a long time, but since she’s really bored at home at the moment, it’s going to be great for her to come here and experience the spirit of the big city.

That was all for my highlights of the week, hope you’re enjoying your Sunday so far.


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