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Highlights of the Week #1


I’ve been quite inspired by some other blogs who have been sharing different ups and downs of their lives on their blogs because they’re usually really funny, super down to earth and honest, which is why I thought I’d do my own little spin on it by sharing my highlights of (hopefully) every week falling on Sunday’s. I usually don’t like focusing on the negative, but if an experience has been valuable why not?

Here are my five first highlights. Now, they don’t cover the entire week, but I did pull out the important ones/the best ones. 

1. I got to redo my bedroom at my parents apartment. That only took about 5 days in total. Talk about spending about half of the spring break on work. But! It looks so pretty now.

2. Got the chance to get some cozy time with my family and watch “Fantastic Creatures,” which is actually a pretty good movie. I had in mind that it would be a fake version of Harry Potter, but nope! It’s definitely worth it.

3. I went to Hamburg with my mom and some lovely friends, where we spent the day eating and of course it wouldn’t be a trip to Hamburg without visiting primark. We really need to get one in Copenhagen soon! The best part was definitely the künife or knafa, which is a traditional middle eastern dessert. It’s cheesy, topped with some pistachios and Arabic syrup. Yum!


4. Aaaaaand I got to steal roomie’s matte lipstick because it wasn’t her color. So important!

5. Got to give my friends some gifts for two different occasions, which was quite nice. I got to spent my last day in the south with some amazing friends while having some lovely cake and tea.

Hope you enjoyed my short list of the highlights of my week and will hopefully join in on next Sunday for the next chapter. 


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