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Find Out If You’re a Beauty Criminal: 9 Beauty Crimes You May Be Committing


Over the weekend, I came up with the idea of creating a fun list of the beauty crimes that a lot of us may be committing. I know, for certain that I have committed a couple of these in the past until I found out that they were “illegal” in the beauty world. Here are the 9 beauty crimes that you may be committing. There are most likely more than these, but these were the worst ones I could come up with. If you can nod yes to committing more than 4 of these crimes, then you’re a beauty criminal.

1. Using a dry beauty blender

A lot of people still make the mistake of using a beauty blender while it’s dry, but it’s actually supposed to be wet before use. This is to avoid the makeup becoming too cakey and it gives a smooth surface. I used to do that before and was always wondering why it felt so annoying when the beauty blender was hard. I ended up stopping the use for a while until I finally figured out that I had been doing it wrong this whole time. 

2. You’re using a beauty blender like a brush

Now, what I mean by this is that a lot have misunderstood how the technique of the beauty blender works. You’re supposed to dab it on your face instead of massaging/wiping it in/on. Been there, done that as well.

3. Testing foundation colors on your hand

This one is tricky because not a lot of people know that the skin is lighter on their hands compared to their faces. You might find a light foundation color that blends perfectly with your hand and that’s great! Because you’ve got yourself a foundation for your hand. Jokes aside, a great tip is to test it on your face or get a sample from the store to test out at home – or you can even ask the salesperson working there for help. They’re usually super nice and will most likely help you. I’ve been guilty of doing this as well.

4. Not cleaning your brushes

I get it, it takes such a long time to do this – especially when you have so many brushes. I’m just as guilty as a lot of you may be. But! It’s super important to clean your brushes at least once a week. So many germs get in there and before you know it your skin may be breaking out. Note to myself: clean brushes on Sunday.

5. Not changing your beauty blender every 3 months

Just like a lot of other things, beauty blenders do get old and the recommended lifespan is max 3 months before you need to throw it out. Of course the more you clean and care for it the longer it lives, but the maximum age is 3 months and then you need to use a new one.

6. Not blending the foundation down your neck

Super important to blend the foundation down your neck, so it doesn’t look like you’re color blocking. If you’re anything like me, you’re allowed to skip this step. My scarf covers my neck, so can you imagine how much foundation I save? Yeah, not a lot. 

7. Sleeping with your makeup on

This one is almost common knowledge, but there’s nothing wrong with a friendly reminder. Please, don’t sleep with your makeup on. It not only clogs your pores, but you’re basically creating a barrier between your face and the skin regeneration process that happens while you’re sleeping. Your skin is working, so allow it to breathe. 

8. Leaving makeup unblended

This is probably a no-brainer as well, but don’t forget to blend your makeup. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house and finding out that the line of bronzer you put on is waiting for a brush to come and save it.

9. Putting too much mascara on

Putting on too much mascara, so it looks like 4 spiders have decided to live in between your lashes is a crime many may be committing. It’s definitely a look, I’m just not sure how well it looks. Be nice to your lashes and your mascara as well.

If you found yourself guilty of more than 4 of these points, then you’re definitely wiser now, but you’re still a beauty criminal. Hope you all enjoyed reading the 9 beauty crimes, if you’re guilty of any of these let me know in the comments below and if you know any other crime then I’d would love to know them. This was just a fun list of things that are considered wrong in the beauty world.

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