Current Cravings - September 2019

Links I Love

I love when people take some time out of their day to share links they found useful, funny or relatable, so why not join the club. You might find something interesting on this list (crossing my fingers!). Here’s a list of links that captivated me.

  1. Everyone’s going crazy over Kanye West’s new shoe collection.
  2. Buzzfeed’s list of 32 products that’ll change your life. I’ve already made a wishlist.
  3. This chair is all I need.
  4. The fact that Copenhagen Fashion Week got some glory .
  5. These rings are such a mood.
  6. This bravery.
  7. What really goes on behind the scenes during Fashion Week.
  8. This really cute home renovation Mia Maples did for her grandparents.
  9. James Clear’s article on habit tracking. I’ve already started doing it. Let’s hope it works. 🙂


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Current Cravings - September 2019