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My 7 Favorite Blushes


If there’s one makeup product I’ve come to love more than anything – it’s most definitely blush. Some blushes I love more than others, but from my makeup collection I’ve gathered 7 blushes that are my absolute favorites. You’ll notice that some of them are similar in color, but may differ in terms of the shine and matteness.


The above four are just plain blushes. The first one is the Too Faced ‘Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush.’ I bought this blush from Sephora in Milan back in 2015, they had a huge summer sale and I got it for just 10 euros, which is quite nice compared to the 44 dollars that it usually costs. What I like about this blush is the fact that it’s not just one color, it has three colors that create such a lovely shine on the cheeks when mixed together. It’s also shimmery, which is nice for the summery weather to get a natural glow.

The second shimmery blush is from Makeup Revolution in the color ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead,’ which I bought on my trip to London back in August. Now, my relationship with Makeup Revolution is kind of mixed because I like their products, but at the same time I don’t and that has something to do with the pigmentation. I bought two palettes from there, one being a contour palette and the other a highlighter palette. I used to like the pigmentation in the beginning, but I don’t reach out for them anymore because I feel like there are other products that have way more pigmentation and I know it’s a drugstore product, so you usually don’t expect a lot from them. However, without floating away from the actual blush that I’m supposed talk about – I like this blush only because I like when blushes aren’t too strong. I prefer to be able to build it up and not get a huge chunk of blush on my cheek on first try and then having to grab a beauty blender to clean it up abit.

The third blush is the one I received in my previous Celesti bag (read about it here). I’ve gotten the chance to use it over the past couple of days and even though it isn’t my absolute go to blush it still is one of my favorites at the moment – especially because of the peachy/pink color.

Then there is the last one in the first category. This blush is my ride or die blush, it goes with me everywhere and it saddens me to know that Kiko discontinued it. This blush is literally my favorite blush of all time and I’ve had the chance to try out quite a few, but this one is just so special. It looks good on mostly all skintones, I’m a fair skinned person and my roommate is sort of bronzy/olive colored and she loves it as much as I do. The product smells really nice of vanilla and the application is just great. It doesn’t attack your cheeks with color, but rather it’s subtle. However, if you do put a lot of product on a brush you will end up with lots of blush on your face. The blush is in the color 3.


Now, the second category is actually blushes that can be categorized as a mix of highlighters and blushes at the same time. Starting with the one in the top left corner. The purple “blush” is from Victoria’s Secret. It’s actually an eyeshadow, but I’ve used it as a blush a couple of times when I’ve wanted to switch things up a little from the typical peachy colors. What I really like about this eyeshadow turned blush is how glowy it is. I usually only wear this as both a blush and highlighter, but when I want to go a little bit extra I add both blush and the VS blush/highlighter – It looks so nice and almost looks like highlighter from Sleek.

Second item is also a two-in-one type of product. It’s a creamy blush/highlighter from Kiko, which I’ve had for a while. It’s not the one I reach out for the most, but it looks beautiful during the summer because of the healthy glow you get. I don’t go overboard with this product, but just like the other Kiko blush this one is quite pigmented.

Last, but definitely not least is the Look Beauty contour palette. I got this palette with my Goodiebox a long time ago and as you can see on the picture it has been through a lot. Before I met Kiko and before I fell in love with Kiko, this was my go to palette. Where do I start? The pigmentation is amazing, the price is great (you can find Look Beauty in any Normal store or online), It’s an all in one palette, which makes is super versatile especially for travelling. The blush is such a gorgeous color and looks so, so nice. This one also has a special place in my makeup heart and is a blush I definitely can’t live without.

What’s one makeup product you can’t live without?

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