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Celesti – March 2017


Not long ago I received my second Celesti box in the mail. I excitedly opened the package and found a leather makeup bag in brown, a card and a big bow headband. This month’s theme is about being bold, vibrant and glowing with a focus on blushy cheeks, colorful eyes and nice skin. I opened the makeup bag and got happier and happier by each thing that I received. It’s as if every month gets better and this is only the second time I receive a Celesti bag and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


The first thing my hand reached out for was the OMG! 2-step mask and I was beyond thrilled. I’ve been wanting to try out the bubble mask for such a long time and it just happened to be in my second Celesti bag. They’ve become so popular on Instagram and almost every beauty guru has tried them out, so I can’t wait to try it out and see if I like it or not.


The second item that I received in my Celesti bag was a Morphe eyeshadow in the color ‘Orchid.’ I’m usually not the type of person who wears bright colors, but I quite like this pink color even though I’m not too sure how I want to use it and when.


The color is so pigmented, which is no surprise for a brand like Morphe. Their colors are all highly pigmented and are not that pricey.


Third item was a lovely peachy blush from a brand called Manna Kadar, which I’ve never heard of, but just like the eyeshadow from Morphe it had the perfect pigmentation. I don’t like when a blush is too strong because it can look way too extra, which is something I don’t prefer. The color is subtle and reminds me of my favorite blush from Kiko.



Another thing that I’ve become quite fond of is the lip liner from a brand called Model Co. which is also something completely new to me as I’ve never heard of it before nor tried anything from the brand. The product lives up to its expectation and has a gorgeous nude color, even though I thought that it was a hot pink color to begin because the bottom was pink, but it turned out to be a nude/brownish color.

img_1221 img_1222

I really love the headband that came with this month’s bag. It’s big, fluffy and really holds everything together and the fact that it says ‘OMG!’ makes it nicer. It’s supposed to go with the masks, which is such a nice idea and I can’t wait to try them out.

Celesti is a monthly subscription where you get sent 5 items customized to your own preferences. You have to do a beauty quiz explaining to them what hair type, skin type etc. you are/have and then they’ll send you product based on your answers. You can only subscribe to it if you live in Denmark as it’s fairly new. If you would like to try it out for yourself then you can visit their page right here


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