Milan & Designer Outlet - Part 1

Milan & Designer Outlet – Part 2

Continuing the previous post as promised – a haul of the things that I bought. When I went to Italy I do want to admit that I spent a little over my budget. Oh well.

As mentioned earlier I did splurge on something from Prada. I got myself a wallet – in pink! Because why not? It’s definitely something I will be using for a long time, which was one of the reasons that I decided to just go for it.

If I had to choose a favorite makeup store – it’s definitely Sephora. They have everything!

I’ve been seeing a couple of bloggers using the Sephora masks, the pomegranate and green tea ones were definitely winners among them, so I decided to get two full face masks and two eye masks. I haven’t tried them out yet, but they’re definitely something that I look forward to use in the nearest future. Another thing that I needed was a brush cleanser and some eye makeup remover.The ones above are really good, you just bend the tip and then makeup remover will come out of the other end, so if you messed up some liner or shadow you can clean it up without ruining the art you’ve made.

{From left: Porefessional – Benefit, bronzer – Too Faced, blush + brush – Too faced, lip stain – Revlon, Better than Sex mascara – Too Faced, lipstick – Marc Jacobs, blush – Kiko, highlighter/blush stick – Kiko, concealer – Nars}

Now the best part. Makeup. Sephora in Milan had a huge sale, so most of the things were really inexpensive. For instance the Too Faced bronzer only cost 15 euros!

I’ve been wanting to buy a bracelet from Nomination for a  while. They have this great concept where you’re allowed to customize your very own bracelet and you can always add different stones later on.

When we returned to Denmark my family and I decided to pay a visit to the Designer Outlet since it is supposed to be very inexpensive – and it really was! I talk about it in the previous post –here.from MK I decided to buy a crossbody  for when I’m moving and need something quick to carry when going somewhere and I also got myself a cute bracelet.

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