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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Review


Huda Kattan has definitely become one of my favorite beauty gurus, her Insta feed is inspirational and her blog is super helpful when you need beauty tips. Not long ago, Huda came out with her very first eyeshadow palette and the moment it hit Cult Beauty I tried my best to order one, but I was just too slow. So, I did what any other dissapointed makeup enthusiast would do. I signed up for the waiting list. Two months went by and it wasn’t until I woke up one morning and casually checking my emails to find out that it was back in stock. I ran out of bed, grabbed my laptop and pressed order. 10 working days later I got a lovely package with my palette. Boy, was I excited. No exaggeration intended.


When I first opened the package, I immediately noticed that it was larger than expected. Whenever I would see it on Instagram it looked so small, but in reality it can be compared to a medium sized palette – smaller than Morphe, however. The colors in the palette are amazingly pigmented and the look options are endless. It doesn’t matter if you want a natural look for work/school or a bit more glam and dramatic for events, you literally have so many options in one place and you decide what you want to do with it. Another thing, that quite made my frown turn upside down, was the glitter colors. I swatched them on my hand and liked that it wasn’t a lot of color, but rather pure colored glitter. Now, I’m saying that because other times when I’ve been wanting to do a glitter eyeshadow look I would get a lot of the base of the shadow and not the glitter itself, which then ended up ruining the look. But, with this one you get the glitter. Another thing that also surprised me was how sturdy it is. I don’t recommend that you try this and it happened completely unintentionally. Basically, the palette fell on the floor. Yes. It fell on the floor. It didn’t break! I’ve been so clumsy with my makeup lately, and it hasn’t been a long time since I last broke my Becca highlighter.


The names are well thought out and so far my favorites are ‘Henna’, ‘Rose Gold’ and ‘#Blessed’. The colors blend well – even though some people have complained that they don’t and you have to use a lot of color for it to be seen, which I strongly disagree with! The palette is a bit on the pricey side, but considering the colors, the look of the palette and the pigmentation I would say that it’s definitely worth the price. You can get the Huda Beauty palette here. Huda mentioned in a snap not long ago that they’re planning on discontinuing the palette, so if you’d like to get it you might want to hurry.

All in all, I’m pleasantly surprised with the palette, I really expected it to be a hyped up product that everyone was just buying and pretending to like because people on Instagram did, but it’s not. This isn’t my first Huda Beauty purchase and will absolutely not be the last.


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