Celesti – February 2017

Back in November I discovered a new type of beauty box. It was completely random. I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled on an ad from Celesti promising great beauty products every month. Not long ago, I stopped my subscription to Goodiebox, not because I didn’t like that box, but I just felt like I got too many creams, hairspray etc. which I wasn’t using, so basically the majority of the content in the box wasn’t put to good use. However, since Celesti was so brand new back in November it was really hard to get a box for the reason that their boxes were limited to a number of subscribers. I tried the first month, but it was impossible to get one, so I just gave it and stopped thinking about it. That was until the beginning of January, where I got an email from Celesti saying that they’re...

Hamburg Haul

Primark has got to be one of my favorite stores, especially when it comes to inexpensive clothing. You’ll literally find anything in there – clothes, makeup and homeware. You name it! We went there on both days and the worst part about it is that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you’ve bought enough, it just doesn’t work. I know, this sounds like I have a major shopping issue and it probably is true. But, I’ve gathered all the things in one bag and filmed a haul with all the goodies that I bought from Primark as well as a beauty store called Douglas. If you do get a chance to visit the nearest Primark, please do! Meanwhile, click play and watch the video.

Hamburg Trip | Part 2

The rest of the evening on the 14 was spent eating and having some good fun. We fell asleep around 1 and woke up the next day at 7, which was quite difficult because we were so exhausted from the day before. We, however, managed to get up and get dressed because we had another long day ahead of us. We had to go back to Primark because some girls forgot to get some things and then afterwards we would continue shopping around the central station. We didn’t have that much time to eat breakfast at the hotel because we had to hurry if we wanted to catch the train around 16.  

Hamburg Trip | Part 1

Valentine’s Day was spent in Hamburg. I was there with 6 of my girlfriends and my mom where we stayed the night and then returned the day after. We mainly wanted to go shopping in Primark and eat some good food. We thought it was a good opportunity to get out and do something fun instead of just being at home during the winter break. We woke up early on the 14 and then took the train to Hamburg which was a 2 hour ride. I decided to try something new during my trip and that was to film a vlog, which is quite different from the typical blog posts where I just post pictures of the things that I bought.

New In: River Island Bow Plimsolls

The search is over. I’ve been looking for some cute, inexpensive bow plimsolls for such a long time. I first spotted them on Instagram, where my favorite bloggers Ascia_AKF and Dalalid were wearing them. However, the ones that they were wearing were from Joshua Sanders. I looked on their page to check the price, was in shock for 5 seconds and decided to leave the site. They were a bit too expensive for a student like me. I really liked the idea of a big bow on plimsolls especially for spring and summer, but I just wasn’t prepared to pay a little bit too much for them. So every once in awhile I would look around ASOS, Nelly etc. to see if they had a more budget friendly version of the shoes. Well during the weekend I hit the jackpot.

Current Cravings – February

Lately, I’ve had quite an obsession with makeup. I don’t know what it is, but I just want to try out so many things at the same time. Just last night I was online shopping, ordering a couple of things home. One of them being the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette, which I’m beyond excited to try out. I had to wait a month and a half just for it to be back in stock on Cultbeauty.co.uk. Now, that the palette is no longer on my cravings list simply means that more products are allowed to claim their spots in there. I even tried to make the products Valentine’s related with pink colors, but I don’t know how that’s working out…

January Favorites

January was a month where I just wanted to relax. My roommate and I were back home with our parents and still are, except for when we had to return for our semester exam. We finished that and then stayed home since, so I’ve just been relaxing a lot – I just wish I could say the same thing about my wallet… During January I spent a lot of money on clothes and makeup because I kept telling myself that I deserved to be spoiled… By me. I originally had in mind that I only wanted to spend money on things that were on sale, but that definitely didn’t happen, so I just stayed at home and admired the beautiful things that I bought while being a broke student, while counting the days for the next paycheck. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to love a couple of things...

7 Second Challenge

Just recently my friend came over to visit me at my parents place. I had already told her that I wanted to make a fun video for my new YouTube channel and she agreed to join me. We started off with the “who’s most likely to” challenge, but that was just a big fail, especially with the way it was filmed and it didn’t look good at all. So we searched the web for some fun challenges and then both agreed that we should do the “7 second challenge.”

Valentino – Donna Hair Mist

If there’s one thing I love, it’s definitely perfumes and do you know what’s even better? Perfume for your hair. One of my favorite Arab fashionistas – Dalalid spoke about the Valentino – Donna hair mist a while ago and I decided that I’d really like to try it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found here in Denmark, at least I couldn’t find it. I searched online, in different stores, but they only had the regular perfume and I wanted the hair mist. However, on my trip to London back in August, my mom, two friends and I went to Harrods and we stopped by the perfume department and if you haven’t guessed it yet – I found it there! The lady working there was so sweet and she told me that she loved using it as well. As I was paying she asked me if there was a...

January Sales Haul

I’ve been wanting to upload a January sales haul for a couple of days now, but decided to film a video instead for YouTube. Just to try something different. I’ve also made the decision to be more serious about YouTube this year, so I’ll be blogging and making videos at the same time.

The Girl in the Khaki Dress

It’s almost time for my last semester exam and I’m actually not as stressed out as I thought I would be. I spent the majority of my Christmas break at my parents place and returned to Copenhagen this past Thursday. Even though I’m supposed to revise and prepare for my exam next week, my roommate and I still found time to take some pictures – mainly because I had some pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve been dying to share.

The Most Genius Nail Polish Ever? Sensationail Peel Off Polish

On my recent trip to Germany with my two lovely friends I noticed a sign saying peel off polish. I thought to myself, could it really be that a nail polish can be peeled off once it’s dry? Well I decided to buy two to test them and see if they really would peel off once dry. I got one called “mauve over,” which is a very light purple/grey color and another one called “you had me at merlot,” which is a bordeaux red color. They were both around 1-3 euros each, which is pretty normal for a drugstore nail polish.