September Favorites

September was quite a boring month. I went back home and started my last year of uni. Starting again is harder than it seems – especially when you have a summer break that lasts for three months. Despite the beginning I found some new things that made their way into my favorites of this month. As usual, I’ve gathered them all together and put together a video for you. Hope you enjoy!

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

It wasn’t that long ago that the new desert dusk palette by Huda Beauty came out, and as the devoted fan that I am – I had to get it. It was a Monday morning that Cult Beauty sent out an email announcing that the palette was ready to be sold. It didn’t take me that long to throw it in the basket and click “order.” A couple of days went by and I was suddenly a Huda Beauty product richer. I didn’t really get a chance to swatch the colors completely as I wanted to film a video where I play around with the colors and talk a little bit about it. This time the look became quite bronzy, but I definitely want to do a look that’s more purple toned in the future.

My Top 5 Perfumes

Hi, my name is Zeinab and I’m a perfume addict. I’m addicted to buying new perfumes, mainly because I hate having the same scent all the time. Even though a signature scent is always good – it’s still fun to be able to switch it up sometimes. In today’s video I share my top 5 perfumes of all time.

Natural Everyday Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to film a makeup tutorial for quite some time now, but never really got the chance to. However, today was the day that I shared my simple and easy everyday makeup look. It’s very natural  and it’ll make your face look super fresh and awake. This routine takes around 10-15 minutes, so it’s definitely doable. Hope you enjoy the video!


It feels like I find myself on ASOS more often than usual and every time that I’m on there I find something new and interesting that I want to order. It probably sounds like I have a shopping problem, but I rarely order things from ASOS – I just like to look. This time I found myself looking for some pretty similar things and they all involve long dresses, whether they’re in the form of a shirt, wrap-around or simple knit-dresses. It’s also almost time for me to go back to uni since my semester start is next Monday, so I’m definitely on the lookout for something to wear to classes when I want to look a little bit presentable. Besides that, it’s going to be cold very soon and I need something that’ll keep me warm as well, not that all my picks do, but they’re great fall picks.

July/August Favorites

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve last shared my monthly favorites, but at the same time it’s also been a long time since I posted a normal video on YouTube. I’ve updated my schedule and I’m finally back on my regular posting times. To be honest, I didn’t really have that many favorites for each month, so I decided to combine them into one video and talk about the products and things that I’ve been enjoying during that time.

OMG! I Tried a Bubble Mask

A while ago I received a bubble mask with my Celesti bag. I’ve been wanting to try it out for such a long time, but I just didn’t have the time to pamper myself. However, looking at how dull and tired my skin had become, I realized that it was time to give it some care. Oh, and before I continue with this review I just want to apologize for the horrible eyebrows. No one is perfect.

DIY Rose Scrub

I love a good scrub, especially the one by Zoella, but lately I’ve been really into using as few products as possible on my skin, which is why I decided to make a sugar scrub with roses. I’ve made this scrub so many times and I always run out, so I thought that I’d share the ‘recipe’ on the blog with you guys, so you can try it too. My mom had just bought a bouquet of red roses, so I decided to steal one from her and a second for decoration (you know, for the picture.) Sugar is really moisturizing and helps get rid of dead skin cells, which gives you a nice and smooth finish. Roses don’t just smell nice, they also have great skin benefits. They’re known to be antibacterial and can actually help relax the skin. Coming from a Middle Eastern family I’ve grown up with...

Celesti – August 2017

I’ve been getting Celesti bags for a couple of months now. Some have been really good and others average, but I haven’t been completely disappointed with anyone yet – this month is not a disappointment, don’t worry. However, I do think that the content has been pretty average and a little bit boring except for a product or two. This month’s theme is called “Glam Life” and is about creating a glamorous look with the products given.

Current Cravings – August

I feel like my style changes every month. Mostly it depends on my mood and the weather. This month I’ve been looking at different outfits that would be great for fall. My summer wardrobe is reaching its end and it’s almost time to embrace the darker colors. ASOS is literally my favorite webshop when it comes to fashionable clothing for great prices. I like to splurge on some designer items, but sometimes I also want something similar, but for a lower price.

Rome Vlog Part 2

It’s time for part 2 of my Rome trip. This vlog was supposed to go up Saturday, but Friday was the day, that my computer decided to completely shut down. I couldn’t unlock it at all and my Apple ID was just not working with me, so I had to give it to an Apple technician and lived without the computer over the weekend (I know, it’s the end of the world) and finally received it today. These things do happen, so no need to sweat the small stuff. The vlog is up and running! This time we had more stealing drama as my mother (AGAIN) got her wallet stolen, fortunately we found it. She was just the victim of this trip.

Rome Vlog

Towards the ending of July my family and I went to Rome. We spent almost a week there and had so much fun. I managed to vlog the entire trip and filmed a lot of great places that are definitely worth the visit.