The Girl in the Khaki Dress

It’s almost time for my last semester exam and I’m actually not as stressed out as I thought I would be. I spent the majority of my Christmas break at my parents place and returned to Copenhagen this past Thursday. Even though I’m supposed to revise and prepare for my exam next week, my roommate and I still found time to take some pictures – mainly because I had some pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve been dying to share.

The Most Genius Nail Polish Ever? Sensationail Peel Off Polish

On my recent trip to Germany with my two lovely friends I noticed a sign saying peel off polish. I thought to myself, could it really be that a nail polish can be peeled off once it’s dry? Well I decided to buy two to test them and see if they really would peel off once dry. I got one called “mauve over,” which is a very light purple/grey color and another one called “you had me at merlot,” which is a bordeaux red color. They were both around 1-3 euros each, which is pretty normal for a drugstore nail polish.

December Favorites

Happy New Years! I thought I’d start the new year with a December favorites. December was quite a busy month for me, I had a project to hand in, a party to throw and, last but not least, we had to prepare for Christmas Eve. It was super hectic getting everything done, but we managed well. Even though I was doing something all the time, I still managed to gather a collection of my absolute favorite things, some of them were given to me as gifts and others  were products I already had, but started using a lot in December.

Grey Winter

Merry Christmas! It’s been so stressful at my parents place since yesterday. Christmas is a very important day to my mom and everything must be super perfect and I’m surprised I even had time to quickly shoot some pictures. Yesterday our guests arrived, which gave me a great opportunity to grab the youngest teen, who happens to be a camera enthusiast, and went outside to take some pictures. It had rained the day before and it was so cold, even though you can’t tell on the pictures. I was freezing. I had already put this outfit together a while ago, took the nearest bag and ran outside before it could get dark.

Current Cravings – December

 Links: {Shirt – Zara, Boots – ASOS, Bag – Zalando, Bracelet – Vera Vega} It’s definitely been a while since I last shared anything on the blog. Truth be told, the blog has gone through a couple of changes and was moved to WordPress just last month. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking around the internet and gathered a couple of things together that would most likely make my closet very excited. 1. The first item on my list is this beautiful, yet quite simple Zara shirt. It’s perfect for so many things, which makes it so versatile. I can imagine wearing it on many occasions paired with either skinny jeans or wide pants, they would make an outfit look chic none the less.

Bordeaux Fall Look

Hi Fashionistas!

It's officially as fall as it can get here in Denmark and I took the opportunity to change my wardrobe completely. It has gone from all summery to extreme fall mode. I even planned to try the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks with my friends, but we haven't decided on a date yet. I don't know why, but that drink has become so popular over the years and it's just part of so many people's fall check list - therefore I've got to try it. In Denmark we're actually supposed to have a fall break, but these rules unfortunately don't apply to university students, sigh. However, two classes got cancelled this week, which is quite nice.


90s Girl

New month means payday and I decided to go shopping with my roommate and close friend. We went to the mall and went crazy (at least my friend did.) I knew I needed a new pair of boots and they weren't allowed to be black. 

Polka Dots in the City

Hey Fashionistas!

The other day I convinced my lovely roommate to take some pictures of a new outfit I put together. I've been busy over the summer as I was in London with my family and two friends. I spent three months back home with my mom, but I came back home to the capital about two weeks ago due to a whole new semester start at the university. This outfit was inspired by the city life because I just love how everyone in Copenhagen always looks super stylish.

The Business Attire

It's been a while...

It feels like this year went by so fast, just a little week ago we celebrated Eid (the ending of the holy month of Ramadan) and I can't even believe that my first year of university is already over - just two more years left! I returned home to my parents place back in June and left the big city life of Copenhagen behind me. Even though I love big cities, there's just something so special about a nice and quiet place. Besides that, nothing beats being home with the family. During Ramadan the blog stayed a little bit quiet because there was always something to do and this year - blogging was unfortunately not part of it. However, Ramadan is over and I'm back again with another outfit post.


Simple & Chic H&M Dress

I often find myself going towards H&M whenever there's nothing else at other stores. It's like a safe bet and the best part is that the clothes/accessories aren't that expensive. 

All About That Trenchcoat

It wasn't until very recently that I finally bought myself a new trenchcoat. I've been wanting one for such a long time and seeing the weather getting better and better by each day I thought to myself that the old winter coat won't do anymore.

Spring Is In The Air

Here the other day I convinced my friend to take a couple of pictures of me around her neighborhood. The weather was great and we found a great spot for the pictures,  but it was still a bit chilly.