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Fall With NA-KD

Sponsored by NA-KD

Fall is probably one of my favorite seasons because I get to wear sweaters and dark colors. Not that I don’t wear dark colors all year, but for some reason it’s more fashionably acceptable during fall and winter. NA-KD is one of those webshops that I stalk during fall because of their amazing pieces. I’ve also linked to their webshop a couple of times in my previous posts. This time they sent me this beautiful dress that fits this fall vibe so perfect. It’s a dress that can be worn during the day, but also for a more formal gathering.

I’ve paired this dress with heels to make it more formal as I’m slowly preparing myself for an upcoming party. What I love about this dress is the poofy sleeves and how flowy it is. The textured design gives it a perfect lift and the great thing about this dress is that it fits a lot of body types, so whether you’re curvy or not, it’ll look good on you.

If you’re looking for some nice fall pieces, go to NA-KD’s webshop and you’ll find a great deal of different styles. You’ll find the dress I wore here.

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