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Rituals Review

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This past month I received a very kind package with some items from Rituals to test out. I’ve talked about Rituals in the past and have only had positive things to say, which is why you might already know what kind of post this is going to be. The package I received this time contained some things from their home section and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Sweet Jasmine

The first thing i noticed when opening the package was the amazing scents. I received a hand wash and balm from the private collection scented with sweet jasmine. With the hand wash I was given a refill that fills up the hand wash 2x, which is great because I would be so sad if I ran out! Besides the amazing scent I love how Rituals pay attention to details. The simple gold details and grey/beige color of the bottles just go perfect with my bathroom vibe at the moment.

Savage Garden

Another item I received was the mini candles called ‘Savage Garden’, which are also from the private collection. The scent is very strong and sort of reminds me of a masculine perfume. Needless to say, my husband was the first one to reach out for them when I opened the package. I, however, managed to throw two of them in the beautiful silver leaves candle holders that look so good in my hallway. They add a luxurious touch to any room and just so happened to match the theme I have going on at home.

Overall thoughts

Again I was super happy with these products. The look and scents are so simple, yet they jazz up any room. What’s great about Rituals is that you don’t have to pay a million to have the million dollar feeling with their products. The quality of the products is always beyond my expectations and on top of that – they’re currently having a winter sale, so what’s not to like? Visit Rituals here.

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