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Review of Rituals Ayurveda & Namaste collection

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A couple of weeks ago I received a couple of items from Rituals to test out. I’m already familiar with their products and have a couple at home, which I use quite frequently. I’m especially quite fond of their room sprays and hair mists. However, this time I got to test some products from the ‘Ritual of Ayurveda’ collection as well as some skincare products from the ‘Ritual of Namaste’. The packaging looks so luxurious and you would immediately think it comes with the high price point, but their products are quite affordable, which is even better. Rituals is known to be an organic brand that doesn’t test on animals (big plus!) and they get inspiration from ancient Asian traditions. I love that each line has a story and you’re very intrigued by it.

Balancing Body Cream

The first thing I do when I test out a product is smelling it – and I was not disappointed. The scent is amazing and it’s because of the Indian rose and Himalaya honey that it contains, which gives it a very spa-like scent. If there is a passion I have for anything in life – it’s for body lotions and creams. I can never get enough, which is why it was the first thing I tried. The balancing body cream has a nice rich texture and feels super smooth on the skin. It leaves a nice scent, almost as if you just sprayed perfume. What I liked about this one the most is that it leaves your skin moisturized for such a long period of time. Perfect option for people with dry skin. Another interesting thing that I received was the refill, which is an interesting approach towards becoming more environmentally conscious. Instead of buying a whole new body cream, you can take the old one out and replace it with the refill. So smart!

Rejuvenating Body Scrub

I’ve already tried their scrubs before, but this one has probably become my favorite. I felt like I just left the spa after using the scrub followed by the body cream. The scrub contains Punjabi pink salt and sweet almond, which leaves you with super soft and exfoliated skin. The scent is super fresh and light as well.

Scented Candle

The cherry on top in this collection is probably the scented candle. I’m obsessed with collecting pretty candles and this one is no exception. Everything from the packaging to the candle itself is so beautiful and the scent is out of this world. It’s so clean, fresh and light. It has the same sort of deep red shade like the other products in the collection and a beautiful gold detail in the center. It’s one of those candles you only want to burn on special occasions because you don’t want to run out too fast.

There are more products in the Ayurveda line, which you can find here.

Urban Hydrating Mist

Last, but definitely not least is the hydrating face mist from the ‘Ritual of Namasté’ collection. If there is one product out of all of the ones I’ve received, that I’ve used the most this week – it’s probably this one. It has been my trusty companion in this heat daily. I keep it in the fridge, so it gives me a nice cold refreshing feeling. It contains Indian rose and hyaluronic acid, which is known to hydrate the skin. You’re supposed to use it after cleaning your face, but I’ve found that it’s a great pick me up during the day to keep my skin fresh and hydrated.

Like the Ayurveda line above, you’ll find more products in the Namasté line here.

Overall thoughts

By now, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Rituals‘ products. Their products are super budget friendly, so you’re able to spoil yourself and people you care about. You’re don’t have to be splurging to get something luxurious because you’re already getting everything for a fair price. I know for sure that I can’t wait to repurchase the body cream and scrub whenever I run out in the future.

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