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Current Cravings – January 2022


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It’s been a hot minute, since I last posted about my current cravings. It’s one of those posts where I get to share some of the things from my wishlist, but at the same time some of you might’ve been looking for something similar or just want some ideas. Either way, here’s my current cravings list for January.

You may notice that I’ve added some furry PJ’s on my list. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some cute PJ’s that are comfy, but also cute enough to wear throughout the day and it makes the average pyjamas go from basic to dressed up. Besides those, I’ve found some cute dresses from H&M that’ll be cute for the remaining cold months ahead of us. I’ve also found a NARS blush duo on sale on Sephora’s webshop that looks good on all skintones. If there’s something I have a hard time not buying, it’s definitely blushes – I have to put blush on no matter what!

For decorative purposes I’ve found this cute little hands bowl from House Doctor. It would look so nice in my livingroom and in any space really. Another thing for homey purposes is the Royal Copenhagen teapot. My husband and I have been collecting different pieces since last year and we’re enjoying finding pieces that’ll fit the aesthetic in our home.

The last item, that I’ve been craving for a while, but pushing to the side is the Marc Jacobs tote bag.  I’ve had this bag on my wishlist since August two years ago and couldn’t decide whether I wanted it in black or khaki green. As you may notice, I’ve made my choice and I’ve decided this is the one I want. What I like about the bag is that it’s spacious and will most likely fit a laptop in there, which is perfect for work/school.

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