Current Cravings - July 2017

YSL Cardholder

img_2308It is with great excitement and relief that I can finally get rid of my old cardholder that I purchased from Primark a while ago. I was in need of something to put my cards in and didn’t really like that they were swimming around in my bags. When I go out I usually carry a small bag, so having a wallet doesn’t always fit in there – hence the need for something a little bit smaller like a cardholder. 

Towards the ending of July my family and I went to Rome. The weather was super great and just getting out and experiencing a new place was on top of my priorities. I’ve had a hectic semester and really wanted to travel, I’m sure we all want to escape our daily lives once in a while. We got to experience new things and certainly visited a lot of Rome’s old architectural places. Rome certainly is beautiful and has so much history.

Besides visiting churches, colosseum and other museums, we also had the chance to just spend two days shopping. The pedestrian street called Spagna definitely offers a lot of great stores if you’re interested in luxurious brands, at the same time, you’ll spot some retail stores like H&M and Zara. I knew before we went to Rome that I wanted to splurge a little on a cardholder from Saint Laurent. It was on my wishlist and was therefore meant to come home with me. The cardholder that I bought can also be found on Net-a-Porter.

img_2301I really like the lined detail on this cardholder and the gold YSL logo. They have them in silver and a metallic color as well, but this one spoke more to me. It has three pockets and space for money in the middle, which makes this quite versatile and great when I’m on the go. I hate carrying unnecessary cards, when I’m just going to a cafe, cinema etc. It’s nice to keep it simple and light, which is why I fell in love with this beauty.

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