Celesti - June 2017

Current Cravings – July 2017

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and just like last time my disappearance has seen the light because of all the work I had to do at home. We’ve been working on changing a lot of things at my parents place and my mom’s kitchen has been taking forever now. Who knew floors and a fridge would take such a long time? Definitely not me. But, time is on my side and last night I found some lovely things from ASOS that I couldn’t resist sharing with you and as little apology for leaving the blog so empty. I may be the one who’s over dramatic, but here are some great statement pieces to rock this summer!


Summer wishlist
{Trousers – ASOS, printed coat – ASOS, ruffle top – ASOS}

The first piece that I found are some wide legged trousers in wide. I’m usually not a fan of wide legged trousers, simply because they don’t look good on me, but this summer I literally haven’t worn anything else. Zara and H&M have come out with the most perfect (short people friendly) wide legged trousers and I’m such a big fan. Since I’ve become such a huge fan I decided that splurging on another pair may not be such a waste after all. I’m definitely in love.

The second piece is definitely a light blue coat with some prints on. For those of you who don’t know – I live in Denmark. We rarely get good weather here and whenever we do there has to either rain a lot the day after or get super windy. You can’t win! So, a nice, thin coat will be quite nice to wear whenever it gets windy (because it will!)

Then there’s the third piece, which is a ruffle top in pink. Pink is usually not the color I would go for, but I recently just bought a long fluffy skirt and it would just look so pretty combined. Besides, who doesn’t like looking a little bit pink and girly sometimes? I mean, I do.


Patterned Shoes
{heels – ASOS, bow sliders – River Island}
Then we come to the second category, which is called shoes. I have a special relationship with shoes. I love them a lot, I like spending my money on them and for some strange reason I can’t contain myself whenever I see a really cute pair. Any other shoe-aholics here?


The first pair of shoes are heels with some blue, yellow and grey print also known as pinata print on ASOS. These pumps will literally spice up and plain outfit, which is why I got my eyes on these. Realistically, I may not be able to buy them at the moment, but I can definitely see myself getting them somewhere in the nearest future. Hopefully.

The second pair are some cute bow sliders from River Island and they are literally everything. I really want to get these for the great summer weather that we will be getting once or twice a week. These are also perfect for a holiday in a nice and warm country.

What are some summer must haves that you’ve had your eyes on? Let me know in the comments below.

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