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Milan & Designer Outlet – Part 1

The blog has been a little bit quiet over the summer and there’s a reason for that. I went on vacation. One week was spent in Italy, another was spent going to different places in Germany and the last week was spent finally preparing the small things for college. However, it wouldn’t be a good post without sharing the interesting things that were discovered and brought home. Ladies and gentlemen (if there are any men reading) I present to you my summer.

Like many tourists, I just had to get a picture of the cathedral in Duomo. It’s much bigger than I imagined and really beautiful.

Milan is a great place for shopping and to be honest, my family and I did more shopping than actually seeing the beautiful parts of Milan. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is like a mini outdoor mall with all the high fashion stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. We went to the different stores there and I decided that I really wanted to spoil myself and therefore got something from Prada, which you will see in another post

While not all days were spent shopping, we also went for some original Italian gelato. It’s really delicous! Oh, quick advice: eat it quickly because it melts fast!

If you love high fashion brands and sales combined then you should really go to Neumünster in Germany. It’s a city in between Kiel and Hamburg. We went there a little bit late and therefore didn’t have much time to stay for long, but we were still capable of finding some great pieces. I had my mind set on the Michael Kors store. They seriously had every single bag in every color at very low prices.



Oh and this is just me awkwardly posing, while my mom takes a picture of me – proudly showcasing my bag. To avoid making this post too long, the haul will continue in part two.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful summer!

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