Goodiebox - May 2015

May Favorites

I know it’s kind of late to post a May favorites, but I skipped March and April, so I didn’t want to skip this month. During May I really prepared mentally for Summer, so my routine and wardrobe changed.

In April I bought some plimsolls, but it was in May that I finally decided to wear them to work. I wore them in this outfit post. They’re really comfortable and easy to walk in, especially after letting go of the wedges that I wore daily.Moving on to beauty the Nip+Fab Deep Cleansing Fix is a cream that can be used for a lot – removing makeup, moisturizing, cleansing etc.  I have very dry skin and I’m constantly trying out different creams because I haven’t found a product that really gives me enough moisture, but this one i special. I really see a visible change.Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent – Babydoll is probably one of the best mascaras I’ve tried yet. It’s not clumpy and doesn’t stain my eyelids. It gives the lashes some fullness that makes it look really natural.

The Mac Blush/bronzer that I saved for the warmer months has definitely been used. It’s gives the face some glow, which is really gorgeous for Summer.I love Bath and Body Works lotions, they have so many different and delicious scents. However, there are two that I prefer in particular – Carried Away and Pink Chiffon. In May Pink Chiffon was definitely used the most. What makes these lotions so special is that they transmit onto the clothes, the scent that is. So the day after when I put on my PJs again I have that heavenly scent. Yum.The last thing, that I probably can’t live without is lip balm. Having dry skin usually also makes your lips dry. Therefore I make sure to use my EOS in mint a couple of times daily to make sure that my lips stay alive.

Is there anything in particular that you loved during the month of May?

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