Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette


It wasn’t that long ago that the new desert dusk palette by Huda Beauty came out, and as the devoted fan that I am – I had to get it. It was a Monday morning that Cult Beauty sent out an email announcing that the palette was ready to be sold. It didn’t take me that long to throw it in the basket and click “order.” A couple of days went by and I was suddenly a Huda Beauty product richer. I didn’t really get a chance to swatch the colors completely as I wanted to film a video where I play around with the colors and talk a little bit about it. This time the look became quite bronzy, but I definitely want to do a look that’s more purple toned in the future.

img_2505The colors Twilight, Amethyst, Royal, Retrograde and Turkish Delight are definitely my faves, but the colors are all so beautiful in general plus the look options are endless. Another good thing, that I also mention in the video, is the fact that the colors are all new. What I mean is that so many brands are starting to reuse the same colors in new palettes, which is super annoying – especially when you want to invest in a new palette. I know, that sometimes it’s unavoidable because you have to put in mind what the market wants etc. but the effort that was put into this palette and generally all Huda’s products are what makes me want to go back and buy more from her.

If you’re interested in getting the palette for yourself, you can do so here.

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