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Maybeline Color Drama Lip Contour Palette Review + Swatches

img_1891Here the other day I went out shopping with my mom because my hometown was hosting its annual sales day where a lot of stores sell their products for less. We didn’t really find that many interesting things, but we certainly did love the food that was on sale in Helsam, the mulberries and snack bars were so inexpensive! After walking around for an hour or so we decided to go to Matas as the last place and then head back home. As we entered Matas my mom found these amazing smelling rose shaped soap bars and took them to the cashier to pay, but while she was getting ready to pay I spotted the lip contour palette from Maybeline that I’ve been wanting to try out for such a long time, so I quickly grabbed the ‘Blushed Bombshell’ palette and paid for it.

img_1904What I really like about the palette is that it’s a cheaper alternative to the Anastasia Beverly Hills one. The colors and the way it looks is definitely different from Anastasia Beverly Hills, but the concept is quite similar. There was another palette called ‘Crimson Vixen’ with mostly red/purple colors and then this one with more neutral pinks and browns. I chose this one in particular as it would be more suitable for everyday wear. Another reason to get this palette is that the colors are creamy. Now, I’m a matte lipstick kind of girl and will always be that. BUT! Sometimes I do get tired of the same old matte lipsticks, which is why the colors in this palette are perfect. The colors come on so smooth and are highly pigmented, which makes my beauty guru heart so happy.

The palette comes with instructions, which is a definite plus. I would’ve just started mixing some colors here and there if there wasn’t. There are four steps in the following order:

  1. Prime
  2. Line
  3. Color
  4. Highlight

img_1953f-001Before mixing any colors you have to prime your lips with the white color. It works like a chapstick that’ll get your lips ready for the colors that are coming on. They’ve placed the liners and colors next to each other in the order that you can mix them up in. So the first color in the line section will go with the first color in the color section. The liners are meant to only line your lips and then you fill in the remaining with the color until you get the preferred look. You finish it off by applying the highlighter in the middle of your lips and then you’re ready to go. It’s actually super simple and you definitely don’t have to follow the palette’s rules. You can mix between the liners and colors – you can even go with only the liners or just one color. The options are endless, which is what makes this palette super convenient. As you can see on the swatches colors are quite neutral, but with the right combination you can even create a more dramatic lip if you’d like.

If you’re interested in getting this palette (Blushed Bombshell) you can click here or the Crimson Vixen palette then click here.



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