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The Most Genius Nail Polish Ever? Sensationail Peel Off Polish


On my recent trip to Germany with my two lovely friends I noticed a sign saying peel off polish. I thought to myself, could it really be that a nail polish can be peeled off once it’s dry? Well I decided to buy two to test them and see if they really would peel off once dry. I got one called “mauve over,” which is a very light purple/grey color and another one called “you had me at merlot,” which is a bordeaux red color. They were both around 1-3 euros each, which is pretty normal for a drugstore nail polish.



I started with the “mauve over” and the color is so gorgeous. It will look great during the spring and also summer. The pastel color is quite settle and doesn’t catch too much attention, but still noticeable at the same time. I also noticed something great about the polish – it dries super fast and you get so much color after only one application. I’m actually only wearing one coat on all the pictures, which is good for a drugstore nail polish that only cost between 1-3 euros.


I think the polish dried completely after one minute and then it was time to test it and see if it really would peel off. As the picture above indicates, it really did peel off, it even went off fast. There was no color left on my nails.


Now, excuse the second one (yes, I’m wearing a robe. It’s Sunday.) I was in a bit of a rush and actually peeled it off a little earlier than I should and I even managed to get on the sides, but it actually went off pretty fast anyways as you can see on the picture below.


If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m actually quite impressed with the product. You get a lot of product after just one coat, it applies smoothly because the brush is not too thin, but not too thick, which means that you don’t have to a lot of cleaning afterwards. It’s not pricy and if you decide that you put on the wrong color, you can just peel it right off and start over.

I give it 5 happy stars.


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