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NA-KD Dress Hunting

{Dresses in order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

NA-KD is probably one of my favorite websites when it comes to clothing. They have so many different options and it’s almost impossible not to find anything that’ll fit your taste. I often keep up with the pieces on there – mainly because their ads always pop up on my facebook feed (not that I’m complaining). However, that’s really the truth to how I end up on there and find new pieces all the time. This past week I found so many goodies that I thought I had to share them with you because you don’t want to miss these. The majority of the finds have a sort of fall vibe to them, but it’s important to prepare early – especially with the weather in Denmark, you’ll literally never know. Just today as I’m writing this post it has started raining again. So all I’m preaching about is just to be prepared while looking stylish.

You’ll find a common theme in the items that I’ve shared – they’re all dresses. I’ve been so into dresses lately and these ones are just super chic and simple that can go for daily wear, but also for the evenings – with the exception of the last piece, which is more of a beach wear styled dress. It looks lightweight and just fits perfect for whenever the sun comes out and you feel like going to the beach. It has a great beach vibe to it. the other ones have a sort of business-ish tone to them that’ll go for formal wear, especially the second and third one, which I really like. Some of the pieces are on sale, which is another great plus and besides these one linked here NA-KD has a huge sale going on at the moment, so if you haven’t had a chance to look at the other things they have to offer, then click the link here. At the moment they’re offering a further 15% discount off of the items you purchase from their sales section.


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