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Fall Vibes

It’s that time of year where the leaves are slowly falling off the trees and turning into a beautiful orange color. The other day my husband and I decided to go out for a walk in a fairytale park/garden in central Odense. He insisted I would get the perfect shots for the fall mood I wanted to match my outfit. My husband is very into colors and loves places that are aesthetically pleasing, which is why we went to this particular place. The garden looked exactly like he described to me – leaves on the ground, fairytale like scenery. Everything was perfect. Supposedly (according to my husband) the place was only allowed for exclusive members and wasn’t opened to the public until later on, which gives this place more charm because it feels more fancy, or is that just me?

This outfit was completely fall inspired. As mentioned in my previous post I’m slowly preparing my closet for the season change and the upcoming cold weather, even though it has been miraculously hot in October and the sun has been shining through for almost the entire month. No complaints here. I’ve had this dress for a while, I bought it from H&M 1-2 years ago, but haven’t worn it as frequently as I wanted, so I decided it was time to pull it out of the closet give it some fresh air. I paired the dress with some black sock boots from Primark and a wine red bucket bag from Zara to go with it. The dress is full of flowers in different colors, but has some small wine red detail, which I thought would look great with the bucket bag, so it could pop out more.

I happened to buy this particular Zara bag last year as well when it was on sale. I was on a lookout for an inexpensive bag that had some color, so when I spotted this one I knew it would be a good staple in my closet. It does stand out and works great whenever you want to give your outfit a little kick or if you want something in your outfit to stand out, like my example with the leaves. It has some gold rings on the strap, which gives the bag a nice finish and keeps it from looking anywhere near boring.

My husband, who was taking the pictures for me, didn’t really think I was smiling enough, so I had to make sure that he got a big smile for the last picture. Needless to say he was very pleased and I got my shots. He doesn’t really understand the whole “badass face thing” yet, but he will eventually do that in the future, when I bombard him with all the outfit pictures he needs to take for me.


  • Dress – H&M
  • Boots – Primark
  • Bag – Zara

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