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December Favorites

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on the blog. I recently finished my semester project and returned back home, then the Christmas holiday kicked in and suddenly i fell prey to the laziness. It happens when you get too comfy at your parents place. However, I’m back again and I bring to you my December favorites.

This month has been quite hectic and I just didn’t have time for myself at all. The semester project needed to be done and my roommate and I were just rushing back and forth between college and home. On the other hand, I did get time to paint my nails. I was quite a nail polish addict in high school and was constantly found in any drugstore buying all kinds of polishes – I know, I was weird. Lately, the color by OPI called “Don’t Touch My Tutu!” has been my fave. It’s a lovely white/pinkish color and it looks like you’ve got a French mani. A great product to use when you’re in a hurry is the Quick Dry by H&M. It allows your nail polish to dry so much faster than the usual waiting time.

I know that you’re supposed to clean your brushes as often as possible, but honestly I’m really bad at doing it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t sanitize. I usually use the MAC brush cleanser to clean them before application and it makes sure that they don’t carry on any germs, however, the brushes still need to be properly cleaned with a wash. When it comes to lotions, this month’s Goodiebox contained the Body Shop Frosted Plum and it smells fantastic! I’ve tried a lot of the body butters by the Body Shop, but this one is just fantastic.

Lastly, on a recent visit to TK Maxx in Germany I came across the notebook section and to tell you the truth, their variety of inspirational notebooks is amazing and since I’ve been working on self-improvement lately, I decided that my new years resolution should also would be filled with it. It’s a notebook where I’ll be writing down all the personal strengths, weaknesses and how to improve myself.

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