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December Favorites


Happy New Years!

I thought I’d start the new year with a December favorites. December was quite a busy month for me, I had a project to hand in, a party to throw and, last but not least, we had to prepare for Christmas Eve. It was super hectic getting everything done, but we managed well. Even though I was doing something all the time, I still managed to gather a collection of my absolute favorite things, some of them were given to me as gifts and others  were products I already had, but started using a lot in December.

One of my very good friends had heard me talking about the Adidas shoes in rose gold and decided to buy them for me, which was so sweet of her. I first spotted them on Instagram and fell in love instantly, but I just never went and got them for myself (I guess it was good that I didn’t.) They’re so different from the original black color and look super trendy. I can’t wait to wear them during spring and summer.


I love testing new beauty products, but I also just love sticking to my absolute favorites. I discovered the Maybeline Fit Me foundation a while ago a have been using it religiously. It’s my go to foundation and it stays on all day long. The best thing about the foundation is that it’s for normal to dry skin – helloooo, that’s me. My skin is almost always dry and the minute I put the product on my face I knew I found gold (can you sense my excitement?)

The second product that I consider my absolute holy grail is also a product from Maybeline, namely the Anti-Age Effect concealer. I’ve used 2-3 of these up and I just purchased another two on my last trip to Germany. They unfortunately don’t sell them in Denmark, so I had to cross the border to get them, needless to say they were worth the trip.

Third item is the Laura Mercier setting powder that I really started using in December. I was previously using the setting powder from MAC and I decided to buy the Laura Mercier on my trip to London back in August because I saw so many bloggers and youtubers using it. Let’s just say that I completely understand the hype, it’s just so good. You don’t need a lot of product to bake your face and the finish makes your makeup look so good.

Fourth beauty product that I’ve been obsessed with is the Real Techniques beauty blender. Before I was just buying whatever beauty blender I could find on the market, usually the cheap ones, but no more. I don’t know why I didn’t buy this one earlier. It applies foundation and concealer on so well. The best part about this beauty blender is that it has a flat side and a pointy side. The flat side is great for foundation and the pointy side blends the concealer smoothly.

The fifth and last beauty product that I’ve been loving in December is the Hot Makeup brush cleanser. I decided to try this product after, again, seeing a couple of youtubers and bloggers using it. It’s really convenient whenever you’re applying eyeshadow and want to use the same brush again for another color, you just put a little bit of water in the white piece in the middle (mine is brown from the eyeshadow), dip the brush in it and then swirl it around in the black sponge surrounding it. Super smart invention – I got mine from a store called Normal.



Moving on to homeware, I received two wonderful gifts from my roommate – Nour. One of them was a horoscope picture by Anna Nielsen. There’s actually a funny story behind that gift. One day, Nour and I were going to the gym and on our way there we stumbled across a store selling all kinds of homeware things. They had these pictures telling the personality traits of the different horoscopes and of course they didn’t have mine. Nour got to read her own, but I didn’t. So, for a fun surprise she got me one with my horoscope on it. I have no idea where she got it from because they were sold out everywhere, so thanks Nour!


The second thing that she got me is a super cute cup with my original City of Fashionistas logo and she even put a #COF on it. To match the cup I decided to get myself a marble notebook that I found on my recent trip to Germany from TK Maxx. Fun fact about me: I love anything with marble, white/grey, black, green etc. and the fact that it has a rose gold side doesn’t hurt at all.

What were your December favorites?

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