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Hey Fashionistas!

The other day I convinced my lovely roommate to take some pictures of a new outfit I put together. I’ve been busy over the summer as I was in London with my family and two friends. I spent three months back home with my mom, but I came back home to the capital about two weeks ago due to a whole new semester start at the university. This outfit was inspired by the city life because I just love how everyone in Copenhagen always looks super stylish.

My shirt/dress, boots, bag and necklace were bought when I was in London – I immediately just knew they would make such a perfect match. Don’t you know that feeling when you put an outfit together in your head and when you wear it, it looks exactly like you imagined. Win!

We were walking around town when we noticed a lot of people were celebrating Eid. The second Eid of the year is after the Holy Pilgrimage, which was super exciting. There was music, dancing, henna artists and of course – food! After taking the pictures we decided that we wanted to join in on the fun. We especially loved the Turkish folkdance.

When we were in London, we went to the Zara store at the Westfield Mall. My mom and I were looking around, and all of a sudden I could hear her yelling my name, while holding this gorgeous red bag in her hand. I fell in love immediately and decided that I needed it in my life. On top of that, it was on sale. It gives any simple outfit a pop of color together with the gold bugs.

Outfit details:

  • Shirt dress: Zara
  • Jeans: Gina Tricot
  • Boots: Primark
  • Necklace: House of Fraser
  • Bag: Zara
  • Bracelets: Cartier inspired
  • Rings: Pilgrim and Cartier inspired as well
  • Hijab: Kuwait

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