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Grey Winter


Merry Christmas!

It’s been so stressful at my parents place since yesterday. Christmas is a very important day to my mom and everything must be super perfect and I’m surprised I even had time to quickly shoot some pictures. Yesterday our guests arrived, which gave me a great opportunity to grab the youngest teen, who happens to be a camera enthusiast, and went outside to take some pictures. It had rained the day before and it was so cold, even though you can’t tell on the pictures. I was freezing. I had already put this outfit together a while ago, took the nearest bag and ran outside before it could get dark.


Versace are really good at mixing patterns and colors, which is what makes them so special. I usually throw everything in this bag and I’m basically ready to go, it carries a lot despite the size. It actually goes with many outfits considering the design.


The top that I’m wearing is from one of my favorite stores – Zara. I always find something in there and they have something for everyone. I paired it with some black jeans, black boots and kept the accessories minimal. The bag that I’m wearing is from an outlet in Copenhagen. It’s great for everyday wear, but can quickly be switched up to look chic and fancy for an outing.



  • Top – Zara
  • Jeans – H&M
  • Boots – Primark
  • Hijab – Nørrebro 🙂
  • Rings – Pilgrim and Cartier (look alike)


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  • me

    love the photo! and thanks for giving me great ideas to my next winter outfit xoxo

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