Goodiebox - April 2015

Normal? Yes Please!

Recently I found a “new” store in Denmark called Normal and it’s fantastic. They sell all kinds of products to very low prices, so it was kind of hard to stay away from the quite interesting things the store had to offer. Over the past week I was visiting some friends in Central Denmark. We went to IKEA and decided to visit Normal as well. Wise choice. Since I also promised myself not to go all crazy I only picked up a few things that I thought would be worth trying out or was in absolute need of. 

Starting from the left.

  • Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque
  • Revitale Collagen and Q10 Eye Gel Patches
  • Harajuku Lovers – Baby
  • EOS Lipbalm – Sweet Mint
  • Elizabeth Arden Lipbalm
  • Kleenex Eye Make-Up Removal Wipes

 The Macadamia hair mask is a product that I always thought was over hyped, therefore I had to try it out and I must say that I understand why it’s so popular. The scent is great, the texture is also a plus, but the result is absolutely fantastic. My hair feels so soft after using it.

The Harajuku perfume has a floral type of scent. If you’re into Juicy Couture perfumes, then you’ll love this one. Now you may wonder why I need all those lip balms. The two Elizabeth Arden’s are actually for a friend of mine, which leaves the EOS lip balm for me, however, I did buy one Elizabeth Arden for myself, since he keeps talking about how great it is.

The only product I haven’t tried yet is the gel patch. I’ve come to like the Kleenex wet wipes as they are very gentle on my sensitive skin. I’ve tried different brands, but most either cause me breakouts or itchy skin, so far Kleenex and the ones from Ole Henriksen are my favorites. 

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