Goodiebox - March 2015

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Limited Edition

When it comes to Marc Jacobs I just can’t say no – especially to the scents. The Daisy collection is so sweet and just fits perfect for the spring category. It’s light, fresh and floral. This new scent in particular is a tiny bit more strong when it comes to the sweetness, but still not too much. I’ve been spotting it for a while, but never actually went a bought it until recently when I got home from work and I found a surprise on my vanity. My mother decided to buy for me, it was super sweet of her and it’s definitely a perfume that I use daily, even more than the original Daisy perfume. 

When buying any  perfume from the Daisy collection the store handed out free Marc Jacobs make up bags. The one I received has the Daisy Dream look. It’s quite large actually and there is room for more than I expected, but it also fits in a bag, which is great. I love Marc Jacobs.

The perfume can be found here.

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Goodiebox - March 2015