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August Favorites

August was quite a stressful month for me. My brother got married and we were basically running back and forth just to make it beautiful. We really wanted to make it a memorable night for both of them. It was most definitely also a month where I didn’t have time to take that much care of myself, so when the wedding was (finally) over I had to really dedicate some time to myself and take care of my skin. So here’s a short list of the products that made my skin quite happy in August.

Dr. Lipp Nipple Original Balm for Lips

I’m one of those people that can’t leave their home without a lip balm. I’m also one of those people that have to make sure that I’m never out of stock. My skin is dry by nature, which unfortunately leaves my lips dry at times, which is why I must have a good lip care routine to make sure my lips don’t get flaky. Most uncomfortable feeling ever! I’ve tried a lot of brands over time and this brand in particular I discovered towards the end of 2018. One of my favorite bloggers, Dalalid,  was using it in a couple of her makeup tutorials and was talking about how moisturized her lips were during the day. I decided to try it out myself and I’m glad I did. I’ve been using it for a couple of months, but forgot about it as it landed in one of my bags. It wasn’t until the beginning of July that I decided to clean out my bag and pick it up. This lip balm is so moisturizing you won’t believe it. You only need a little bit and you’ve got perfectly smooth lips for a very long time. You’re also getting something for your money because it lasts a long time. If you’re looking for a good lip balm you can get it here.

Pure & Care Snail Serum

The second item on my recent favorites is the Pure & Care Snail Serum. It’s been about a year since I updated the majority of my skincare products to perfume free. I started with the Hyaluronic Acid from the Pure & Care line, which is still a very important product in my routine, however, it wasn’t until last month that I felt like my skin needed that extra boost. My friend and I were talking about some skincare products and we randomly came across the Pure & Care website – it’s where I discovered the snail serum. I’ve been using it religiously until this day and I have to say that I’m not regretting it one bit. I have sensitive skin that tends to get red sometimes and it has definitely helped my skin tone look more even. Pure & Care products are known to be free from perfume, parabens and all that nasty stuff. The snail serum provides the skin with moisture, giving it more elasticity, gets rid of impurities and also supposedly helps with wrinkles. If you’re skin is more on the dry and tired side, it’ll give it a nice glow on top of being moisturized. You can get Pure & Care a couple of places. I get mine from Normal, but you can also purchase them directly from their website here.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Whipped Body Balm

If you’re starting to notice the theme here, then this one shouldn’t come as a shocker. The third item is all about keeping the body moisturized. Neutrogena is not a brand that I typically go for, but when my mom and I went to Normal (it’s a store) I came across this body balm for dry skin and decided to give it a try. My skin was a little dryer than usual at that time, which is why I decided to pick it up. To my surprise I really liked it. After that I started seeing different products from the same line all over social media and a lot of people were/are swearing by it. Whether it’s the facial moisturizer or the body balm they were all loving it – including me. It gives you a feeling of freshness without the sticky part, which many creams tend to be when it comes to dry skin. You can find the body balm in Normal or right here.

L’oréal Paris Glow Chérie Glow Enhancer

Last, but definitely not least is the glow enhancer from L’oréal Paris. I picked this one up randomly from a makeup store and thought it would be worth a try. After using it for more than a month I have to say that it’s quite good. It does everything from hydrating your skin to giving it a gorgeous glow. As mentioned earlier my skin was sort of chaotic last month and this was really where this one saved me. I use it on top of my serum on the days where I don’t feel like doing anything special on my face, but still want to look sort of alive, you know? It can be used as a primer  under your makeup as well, but I wouldn’t recommend using this under a water based foundation, since this is pretty much silicone based – just a friendly reminder. Besides that it’s really, and I mean REALLY, moisturizing and my skin feels amazing after each application. It’s definitely worth your money. If you’re interested in trying it out I found it a little bit cheaper than the one I bought here.

What products became your holy grails in August?



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