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Current Beauty Cravings

{1. Fix+ watermelon, 2. Morphe palette, 3. Fix+ pineapple, 4. Too Faced mascara, 5. MAC Aladdin palette}

If there’s something I’m quite enthusiastic about it has to be makeup. I love watching all kinds of YouTube tutorials about makeup and recreate the looks myself. Another thing I like to do is renew my makeup collection once in a while to make sure I’ll always get a chance to update my looks and evolve. In this post I’ve gathered a group of products that are fairly new, but also some classics that I’m really craving at the moment.

Fix + setting spray

I’m a big fan of the MAC Fix + sprays and keep repurchasing them whenever I run out. I’m also quite fond of the mini versions especially whenever I have to go out, whether that’s a party or a hot summer day. I like to make sure that I have a setting spray on me to freshen up during the day. The newest additions are made with different ingredients, such as peony, white tea, cucumber and the ones that I’m craving at the moment – pineapple and watermelon. They’re part of the summer limited edition collection, so you have to get them now because they’ll stop selling them by the end of the summer as far as I know.

Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

The Jaclyn Hill collaboration with Morphe is probably one of my favorite. I’ve been wanting this palette for such a long time, but never got the time to sit down and order it. However, after watching some makeup tutorials starring the palette recently I decided that it was time to just get the palette. The fact that Look Fantastic have a code that reduces the prices at the moment made me just go for it and get the palette once and for all. So I happened to order it while writing this post because you have to treat yourself. 😌

Too Faced – Damn Girl! 24 Hour Mascara

I’ve heard great things about this one and if it’s anything like its predecessor then it has to be good. I personally like the ‘Better than Sex’ mascara because of the crazy voluminous lashes you get. I have the shortest lashes in the world, which is why this is on the list at the moment. The first mascara they made is still one of my favorites. I’m definitely craving this right now and from what I’ve seen on different reviews it’s supposed to be amazing and long lasting – hence the name.

MAC’s Aladdin Eyeshadow Palette

I’m a huge fan of old Disney classics, so when Aladdin came out I was beyond excited. You would also think that for someone being so excited about it that she would watch the movie, but guess what. I haven’t seen the movie yet, not kidding. Every single time my husband and I want to watch it something happens. I’m so in love with Jasmin in the movie. She’s so beautiful and I love that MAC made an Aladdin collection. This palette gives me such Arabian Nights vibes with the glittery colors. It’s such a mood and I like that the colors aren’t super extra, so you can easily create an everyday look, but still go for an evening look by adding darker shades. My favorite color in this palette is definitely the purple color called ‘Shadow Lady.’

Do you have any current cravings at the moment? I would love to know – I might add them to my list. 😀

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