New In: Bianco Sandals

Out in the Fields

After my husband and I moved back to my hometown we haven’t had that much time to go out and have fun. We were struggling with our move, being busy at work and all the things that come with life. It wasn’t until very recently that we finally settled down and felt completely at home. Do you know that feeling after a move? It’s so hard to explain, but it just takes time before you feel completely at home. However, I took it upon myself to get us out of the apartment on his day off and go for a relaxing picnic on the beach. We (I) made some appetizers to go, brought some snacks and all that belongs on a picnic and out we were. Southern Denmark has such beautiful landscapes and it’s really an experience in itself to just go out and spend a day in nature, which is quite different from the lifestyle I was used to when my best friend and I were living near Copenhagen. I, however, decided to take him to a beach close to the airport and he fortunately liked it – despite all the bugs that went for his legs. We ate our food and went for a walk around the forest next to it.

I was in a very casual mood that day and decided to wear my new dress from Only and the sandals from Bianco that I mentioned in my previous post. The dress is very comfortable to wear and the material is super light, so you definitely don’t feel warm during the summer heat. The weather got somewhat hot that day and it didn’t feel uncomfortable in it all day long. The dress comes in different colors, but this black and white one spoke to me the most, as usual. I paired it with a white scarf, so it wouldn’t look completely dark. As we were walking around we spotted this beautiful wheat field and because I’ve always loved the pictures people take around different kinds of fields, I decided to let myself go and be free in the field of wheat. Quick disclaimer: none of them got hurt in the process. Before we ended our day we agreed to go out for a quick cafetrip and have some ice cold drinks, which was super refreshing. It really has been a long time since we went out just the two of us.

Outfit details:

Dress: Only

Sandals: Bianco

The scarf I’m wearing is from a store in Kuwait. It was given to me, so I’m not sure where it’s from exactly.

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New In: Bianco Sandals

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