Ramadan Decorations

The month of Ramadan is again upon us and let’s hope this year will be full of blessings. For those of you who aren’t fasting or don’t know what Ramadan is – it’s a very special month for Muslims as we get to fast from dawn to sunset. We do it for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones are that we want to put ourselves in the places of the poor and really feel with them. It’s also the time of the year where the majority choose to reach out and help by donating clothes, money. Many also choose to cook them meals (especially if they live the areas). We like to help out all year round, but Ramadan seems to be the favorite time to do it.  Not everyone has to fast – children, elderly, pregnant women and people who are sick don’t have to, simply to avoid them hurting themselves. Ramadan is not about hurting ourselves or punishing our bodies because if that was the case we wouldn’t be allowed to fast. Science has also shown that fasting actually is healthy for the body as it cleanses it from all the toxins, which is definitely another bonus (especially for me :)).

To return to the topic, this post is actually about my very recent purchase from quite a talented designer. Her webshop is called Bint Khuwaylid and her decorations are a mix of traditional Middle Eastern and Scandinavian design, which is quite genius. I’ve been following her for almost a year I’ve been wanting to order some things from her webshops since last Ramadan, but wasn’t able to as I was in the middle of moving from the apartment that my roommate and I used to live in, to living with my parents again for a short time, and meanwhile preparing for my wedding. The decorations were therefore not on top of my priority list at that time. This year was, however, the perfect time for the decorations. I ordered them last week and received them just before Ramadan. They arrived super fast and as far as I could tell from her Instagram the majority of the things that she’s selling have been sold-out over the weekend, which is understandable, but sad for those of you who didn’t get a chance to buy from there. As far as I could tell, she’s planning on restocking very soon.

When it comes to decorations at home I keep it very minimal and the stars that I ordered fit right in. They come in a natural wood color. I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to paint them grey to match the decoration in the livingroom, but as I hung them up on the lamp, I decided to keep them as they are as they would just disappear with the wall. Another section of the livingroom that received a little makeover was the table from IKEA. I removed the vase standing there and replaced it with some of the stars that came in the package of 6 from the webshop. To be honest, I probably changed it a couple of times, but ended up adding some fairy lights and some different candles to complete the look.

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