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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Soft Glam & Amrezy Highlighter

img_3392I’ve been a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products for quite some time now. Their products are very pigmented, luxurious and generally so pretty to look at. It was back in February/March that they announced that there would be a new eyeshadow palette coming out called “Soft Glam” and as enthusiastic as a I am about makeup, I immediately decided that I was going to buy it whenever Cult Beauty add it to their webshop. Later on, it came to my attention that Amrezy was doing a collaboration with the brand and created a highlighter together. Christmas came waaaay too early this year. Since I’m an April child, I figured that I would spoil myself a little earlier, so during the middle of March I received an email from Cult Beauty saying that they had an offer going on where they were giving out free ABH matte lipstick sets with the palette, so I grabbed the chance and purchased the palette, highlighter and free lipsticks.


I do have a lot of makeup, but my go to palettes are always the ones by Huda Beauty. I’m used to the colors, how they blend together and I know what colors look good on me as well. It was a week before my engagement party and I really wanted to try something new besides the usuals from the Huda Beauty palettes and to my luck the things arrived the day before the party. It was the day of the party and last minute I decided to just use my usual go to colors, but decided to use the color ‘Cyprus Umber’ to create a soft smokey look, which turned out so pretty. Afterwards I’ve tried out a few of the colors and can’t get enough. The pigmentation lives up to its standards and the colors are blendable. I know that ABH have previously gotten some bad reputation for their shadows being a bit messy, but I haven’t had that problem with any of my palettes so far, which is a definite plus for me – there’s literally nothing worse that have a shadow that gets anywhere, but on your eyelids. So far, my absolute favorite colors in this palette are ‘Cyprus Umber’, ‘Mulberry’ and ‘Dusty Rose.’

img_3402The highlighter. I don’t know where to start… The design and the way that it looks so wavy and clean makes my beauty loving heart so happy. I didn’t even want to swatch it because it would ruin the pretty texture. I didn’t use this highlighter for the party because I was super stressed out that day and couldn’t remember where I put it, but have definitely used it afterwards. The pigmentation is good and strong, but I was perhaps hoping for something a bit more stronger. I saw Amrezy saying in her Insta story that a good tip to make the highlighter pop a bit more is to use setting spray on the face first and while it’s wet you go in with the highlighter. I haven’t tried that yet, but I’m pretty sure it works because I’ve tried that trick before, but just the other way around – spraying setting spray on a brush and then dipping it in some highlighter. Overall I’m still loving this highlighter, but was perhaps hoping for something more. I’m doing a post on great highlighters soon and the combinations I like to do to get that beautiful glow popping.

img_3406I was a bit sunny the day that I took the pictures, but here you can see the swatch. I had to do a few swipes before the color looked like the picture. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the palette and highlighter you can do so here and here.


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