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asos finds
It feels like I find myself on ASOS more often than usual and every time that I’m on there I find something new and interesting that I want to order. It probably sounds like I have a shopping problem, but I rarely order things from ASOS – I just like to look. This time I found myself looking for some pretty similar things and they all involve long dresses, whether they’re in the form of a shirt, wrap-around or simple knit-dresses. It’s also almost time for me to go back to uni since my semester start is next Monday, so I’m definitely on the lookout for something to wear to classes when I want to look a little bit presentable. Besides that, it’s going to be cold very soon and I need something that’ll keep me warm as well, not that all my picks do, but they’re great fall picks.

Ted Baker Bow Wash Bag

Before I talk about all the clothing items, this cute makeup bag should have its moment of fame. It’s a Ted Baker makeup bag in rose gold. It seems like it was ages ago that rose gold was taking over the world, but this one is just too pretty to resist. Due to its size it’s perfect for a quick to-go bag. Whether you want to throw it in the bag or carry it like that, I’ve done a lot and it looks so well put together as if you’ve really put thought into your outfit.

ASOS Kimono

I’ve become such a big fan of kimonos lately.  I think they make a regular outfit look so stylish especially the ones with patterns. The kimono I found on ASOS is not a typical color that I would wear, but it definitely caught my attention. It’s so special and different compared to the other kimonos that I’ve seen so far and this would look so good whenever there’s a special occasion, like a nice dinner with the girls, birthday party etc. It’s just a kimono that’s meant for those special occasions.

ASOS 80s Button Through Dress

I love the simplicity of this pink dress. Even though it’s pink and not usually the color of my choice, however, this one is just perfect for the regular uni days. It will look so well put together with some jeans and boots. It’ll even give a grey day a pop of color, which we all need once in a while. (I know, complaining about the weather has become a trend,) but Denmark’s weather tends to become really grey and dark during fall and winter season, which makes a lot of sense, however, this dress is made for those days – I can feel it!

asos finds

ASOS Wrap Dress

Another dress that’ll be great for uni days. I think this one fits into the same category as the pink dress, however, this one is just black and white, which is another thing that just needs to be worn on the dark and grey days. I literally live in dark colors all year, so a classic dog teeth dress is definitely a closet staple. It’s simple, but still chic, which is what I like about this wrap dress.

ASOS Frill Shirt

This shirt is a shirt that screams chic and cute. It’s oversized, but in a nice way that’ll make it fit with so many pieces, whether it’s regular jeans, loose pants or even a skirt. It’s definitely versatile, but modern at the same time. I’m quite in love with flowy, oversized shirts because they can be styled in many different ways depending on the look I want. Whether I want to pair it with a belt or just keep it loose and flowy like that, it doesn’t matter because it’ll still look good.

ASOS Frilled Dress

Last, but definitely not least is this knitted grey sweater dress. Quite self explanatory, however, this stylish sweater is a good piece to have in your closet for whenever you want a quick and easy outfit. It’s a ” it’s raining and cold, but you still want to look somewhat presentable even though you can’t be bothered” look, which is something we all need in our closets.

These were my fall uni finds, hope you liked these pieces!

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