Current Cravings - August

Celesti – August 2017

img_2311I’ve been getting Celesti bags for a couple of months now. Some have been really good and others average, but I haven’t been completely disappointed with anyone yet – this month is not a disappointment, don’t worry. However, I do think that the content has been pretty average and a little bit boring except for a product or two. This month’s theme is called “Glam Life” and is about creating a glamorous look with the products given.

img_2333The first item that I got is the Dr. PawPaw original balm. It’s basically an all purpose balm and works a lot like Vaseline. It has the same consistency and smoothens the skin. I think this is a great product and is great for the bag. I tend to dry lips quite fast and sometimes I completely forget to take a lip balm with me (I hate having dry lips), so this is something that will stay in my bag for emergencies like these.

img_2322The second item that I got is the Nailkale by Nail Inc. and it’s a pale pink color called ‘St. Johns Wood.’ I do like the color and the application is great. It’s definitely one of my favorite colors when it comes to nail polishes, so I can definitely see myself wearing it on my nails + there’s so much color in the bottle, which is pretty nice. Not, that I’ve ever run out of nail polish. I feel like no one ever runs out of nail polish?

img_2325The third item is an eyeshadow by the brand LOOkX and doesn’t really have a name or a number on the package, so I had to look on Celesti’s website and it didn’t say anything there as well. I then ended up on the LOOkX website and still couldn’t find this shadow anywhere, so I really don’t know what the color is called, but it’s in a dark grey shade and has some pink and green dots. It’s really pigmented and will definitely look great on the eyes. There’s a swatch further down.

img_2334This lip pencil is definitely one of my favorite things in this month’s bag. I’m a sucker for anything related to lipstick. This lip pencil is in a brownish/nude color and is so pigmented. The only sad thing about it, is the size. I think it’s a little bit too small and I’m definitely someone who uses lipliners a lot. It’s from the brand Lord and Berry and is in the shade #3035 and is basically called ‘Nude lip liner’


img_2324The last item, is a little bit disappointing. I feel like they didn’t really know what to choose for the fifth item, so they just threw in a free sample. I mean it’s something that we pay for, so I was expecting an actual product – especially because you pay for five items and then you get something that not for sale. With that being said, it does seem like a nice product and I’ll definitely give this mask a try. It’s a mineral mask from the brand Anne Semonin and it’s supposed to remineralize and balance your skin.

Overall, I do like the items in this bag, I just wish they would’ve put a little bit more effort in choosing some of the products. If you’re interested in trying out Celesti for yourself, you can do so through this link right here.

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