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Current Cravings – August

august cravings
I feel like my style changes every month. Mostly it depends on my mood and the weather. This month I’ve been looking at different outfits that would be great for fall. My summer wardrobe is reaching its end and it’s almost time to embrace the darker colors. ASOS is literally my favorite webshop when it comes to fashionable clothing for great prices. I like to splurge on some designer items, but sometimes I also want something similar, but for a lower price.


1. Pin Striped Jacket & Trouser Co-Ord

This set was the first outfit that I saw when I opened ASOS and was the first outfit I fell in love with. I think a business attire is a must for those occasions where you want to look super classy and on point. There’s always going to be a time where you’re in need of something classy and timeless. However, this set has a modern twist to the classic pinstriped suit. The bubble sleeves and almost off shoulder jacket spices it up, so it doesn’t look too serious.

2. Vintage Inspired Flare Sleeve Maxi Dress

Moving away from the classic and business-sy look to a more casual look. This dress will be great to wear on the days where you want to look good with minimal effort. The pattern/colors of the dress will be a perfect fit for fall – especially the black ruffles on the bottom. I can imagine myself wearing something like it for uni. Specifically on the days where I don’t feel like spending time picking out an outfit, but still want to look like a decent human being.

3. Knitted Stripe Midi Dress

This dress is another one of those “be stylish, with minimal effort” dresses. However, this one is a bit more simple than the previous one. However, still uni worthy and can be worn on many different occasions, thus making this dress extremely versatile. I saw a similar dress by Tommy Hilfiger, but this one is quite affordable compared to the original. The colors on the dress are also fall-worthy with the darker grey, black and wine red color, which is my absolute fall color.

august cravings
Moving on to the footwear department, I found two pairs of shoes that are perfect for the current weather and season.

4. Pearl Detail Loafer

These pearl loafers are also the modern twist on the regular black loafers. It’s not hard to notice that pearls have been trending a lot this season, so why throw them on some classic loafers and give them some seasonal value – in a good way of course. These shoes are known to be quite comfy, which is why they can be worn on several occasions. I remember last september the weather was extremely great – it was actually super hot! The uni days in the beginning of the semester were kind of hard because the business class that I was taking was literally near the hottest spot of the school, so painful. But, coming back to the point! These loafers are cute and can be worn for quite a while, whether it’s for uni or an outing.

5. Sock Boots

The next pair of shoes are some sock boots, which are for the days when the weather isn’t that much on our side. If it’s a bit windy or even rainy these will protect your feet AND make you look stylish at the same time. Amazing, I know. These boots can also be worn on summer days, when you want an effortless look. What I like about these is that they don’t have zippers on them – you can literally (hence the name) put them on like socks.

Hope you liked these picks!

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