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New In: Valentino Heels

img_1613-001 Valentino doesn’t really require an introduction, but I’m going to do it anyways. Well, where do I start? I’ve been talking about these heels for such a long time and completely out of the blue! My family decided to purchase them for my birthday. I was beyond excited and honestly wasn’t expecting it at all because I usually don’t want anything for my birthday as long as I’m with those that I care about. My mom and I were casually talking over FaceTime one day and were looking at different styles of Valentino heels, while deciding that this model was the prettiest one, little did I know that she was planning on getting them for me.


As my birthday approached and our closest friends were visiting, we were cutting the cake when all of a sudden my brother came in with a huge bag from Illum. I was in complete shock. I thought it was a prank, but no it was the real deal. I opened the package and there they were – the cutest black heels ever. I tried them on immediately and kept thinking that it was a joke, but no it wasn’t. My family did, however, reassure me that I wouldn’t be receiving any presents for the next 5 birthdays, I hope they were being sarcastic because I wouldn’t mind another pair. Just kidding, haha. I couldn’t be more grateful and a day didn’t even pass before I decided to wear them for the party that some friends were throwing. Anyways, enough with the background story and more about the shoes.

The heels are actually super comfortable, even though it’s the highest heel they have for this model. I wore them for a couple of hours and couldn’t feel any pain. Yes, I’m serious. The design is a mix of a matte black color combined with beige straps and then the classic studs. I really like the fact that they’re black because they’ll go with basically any outfit.


  • De er bare smukke! Er glad for at der er gode at have på. Jeg har dem i patent læder, og jeg fik de grummeste vabler første gang jeg gik i dem!

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      Er også helt forelsket i dem. 😍 Uha, ej fik heldigvis ikke nogle vabler, men håber de er bedre at gå i nu! 🙂

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