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Current Cravings – March

Current cravings march
It’s finally Friday and I’ve been so busy with school these past two weeks that I haven’t had the time to do anything. I’m studying communication at the university that I go to and these past two weeks have been all about the speech workshop that I’m attending. It’s a really fun class that forces you to be out there and speak up. Today we had to present a 1.5 hour long presentation for the class and that felt like such a long time, but my group and I made it. Right after uni I had to buy some groceries for my apartment, which I also didn’t have the time for the past couple of days because the preparation time for the presentation took a long time. However, I’ve been working all week trying to put together a collage with all the things that I’m currently craving. It’s so hard when you do this every month because I have to force myself to really think deep and remember all the things I’ve been telling my roommate would be cool to have/try out. I, however, managed and here are my current cravings for March.

1. Vichy Idealia Eyes

Starting with the first thing on my collage is the Vichy – Idealia Eyes. I received a sample of this one in my Goodiebox a million years ago and ended up using the whole thing because I loved it so much. This isn’t just any eye cream, it helps eliminate dark circles (which I’m a victim of), reduces fine lines and makes you feel so refreshed. I’ve been wanting to get a full sized one for such a long time, but it’s just one of those things that I tend to just forget or intentionally ignore. I found an inexpensive one here, where the price is much better than at the pharmacy.

2. Ganni Dalton Crepe kimono

Second item on my current cravings list is the Ganni Dalton crepe kimono/top. It’s in the color vanilla ice and is the perfect combination of a simple floral design of blue and beige. It has such a feminine girly look, but still looks super modern and chic, which is something I absolutely love. But, I have to realize that fact that it’s just too pricey for me at the moment, so maybe I should add it on my birthday wishlist (quite sneaky, I know.) If you want to get your hands on this cute top then click here. Right now they’re having a weekend sale on Boozt, so if you add the code ‘Treattime’ when you checkout you’ll save 20% on your order, which is a pretty good steal.

3. Moves Flanga blouse

Third item is a simple grey ruffle top that can literally be used on any occasion, whether it is for school, work or even somewhere nice and fancy. The blouse can be paired with some simple jeans, a skirt, loose pants – you name it. I’m so into ruffles at the moment, but haven’t actually gotten myself anything with ruffles on yet. I know, my life is so sad. You can find this blouse right here.

4. Marc Jacobs Noir mascara

This mascara has probably been mentioned so many times on the blog and this is most likely not going to be the last time. I love, love, love the Marc Jacobs Noir mascara, it’s literally the best mascara that I’ve ever tried. I talk a lot about in detail in this post here. The reason why it’s on my current cravings is only because it’s getting emptier and emptier by each day, which is freaking me out. I bought mine from Sephora for around 240 kr. if I’m not wrong.

5. Dior Split 1 sunglasses

The fifth item on my list is definitely something that I can’t afford at the moment, but these sunglasses are just so beautiful. They came out last fall and they are literally the prettiest sunglasses I’ve ever seen. I’ve really been into aviators lately, but these would just look great for the upcoming spring and summer weather. The model is called split and is a mix between gold and silver. You can find the sunglasses here.

6. Furla Metropolis Petalo crossbody bag

Last, but not least is the Furla Metropolis Petalo crossbody bag. It’s the perfect small city bag in a creamy color that just screams spring. I always carry a small bag whenever I go out because it’s way more comfortable than a bigger bag and much easier to change if you want to switch to another crossbody bag. This one is a bit pricey, but can be found here.

That was it for my current cravings list for March. Hope you found some ideas for what you might crave this month. Have a lovely weekend!

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