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New In: River Island Bow Plimsolls


The search is over. I’ve been looking for some cute, inexpensive bow plimsolls for such a long time. I first spotted them on Instagram, where my favorite bloggers Ascia_AKF and Dalalid were wearing them. However, the ones that they were wearing were from Joshua Sanders. I looked on their page to check the price, was in shock for 5 seconds and decided to leave the site. They were a bit too expensive for a student like me. I really liked the idea of a big bow on plimsolls especially for spring and summer, but I just wasn’t prepared to pay a little bit too much for them. So every once in awhile I would look around ASOS, Nelly etc. to see if they had a more budget friendly version of the shoes. Well during the weekend I hit the jackpot.


I was on one boring evening, just casually browsing through their new stuff. Checked the clothes and accessories until I finally went on to shoes. There they were, first row, number two on the left hand side. I didn’t even blink for a second. I clicked right on them, prayed that they had my size, jumped up and down when I finally realized they did and threw them in the bag. There was only one final step back. Pay for them and make sure they arrive super fast. Now, you may have noticed how dramatic I made the process sound and I’ll admit that it has been exaggerated just a tiny bit, but I’m really in love with these shoes. The fabric is really nice and the color is perfect for spring and summer. They’re comfortable and they add a bit of height. That may not be an important detail to the average sized person, but you see I’m 1.53 m tall (short), so that does make a difference for me. The color is an easy and light beige, which goes great with a lot of outfits.

I received the order pretty fast, despite ordering them Sunday. Besides the shoes I ordered two sunglasses and a matte lipstick, that my mom wanted. The shoes can be found here and cost around 400 kr. I’m completely satisfied with my order and can’t wait to share some cute outfits on the blogs very soon. We just have to wait for the snow to leave Denmark (very soon please!)


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