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Current Cravings – December

Current Cravings - December Links: {Shirt – Zara, Boots – ASOS, Bag – Zalando, Bracelet – Vera Vega}

It’s definitely been a while since I last shared anything on the blog. Truth be told, the blog has gone through a couple of changes and was moved to WordPress just last month. Meanwhile, I’ve been looking around the internet and gathered a couple of things together that would most likely make my closet very excited.

1. The first item on my list is this beautiful, yet quite simple Zara shirt. It’s perfect for so many things, which makes it so versatile. I can imagine wearing it on many occasions paired with either skinny jeans or wide pants, they would make an outfit look chic none the less.

2. The second item on my list is this amazing pair of black suede boots with silver heels from ASOS. I don’t know what it is with me, but this year I’ve been living in boots ever since the weather went from hot to cold, and we (surprisingly) had quite a long summer in Denmark. It was hot until very late September, which is quite unusual. I’ve been living in my black suede boots from Primark for a long time now and even switch them every once in awhile with these camel ones from H&M, which are on sale at the moment! Anyways, I know that these boots will under no circumstances be forgotten if they were to end up in my closet.

3. The third item on my wishlist is this stunning blue bag from Zalando. I usually only wear small crossbody bags whenever I go out because 1. they’re more comfortable and 2. you make yourself bring the necessities only. However, this one is just perfect, everything from the color to its style. It would go perfect with so many things as it can be styled with a simple everyday outfit to a nice evening outfit.

4. Last, but not least is this beautiful bracelet from Vera Vega. This silver bracelet has such a different and interesting design that would look absolutely gorgeous with any outfit. I like wearing bracelets and would love to get my hands on this little fella.

What’s currently on your wishlist?

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