Goodiebox - February 2015

New In: Mac + Max Factor

Here the other day I went through all my lipsticks and found one common theme – they’re almost all hot pink (in different shades of course.) So I thought to myself that it’s finally time to try something entirely new. Mauve. I’ve been really inspired by the Kylie Jenner look for such a long time, and decided that I’d like to try it out!

I bought a lip liner called “Mauve” from Max Factor, since “Whirl” by MAC was sold out. They’re quite similar though. I ended up buying the lipstick from Max Factor as well. However, I didn’t feel like I was getting quite the tone I wanted, the lipstick had a shimmer and I was looking for a more matte look. I ended up buying “Twig” from MAC and combined it with the lip liner from Max Factor and the result looks perfect. The Max Factor lipstick and lip liner were bought from a local drugstore.

Even though I was on the lookout for “Twig” I couldn’t resist this gorgeous pink called “Pink Nouveau.”What do you think about the Kylie Jenner lip trend?

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Goodiebox - February 2015