Milan & Designer Outlet – Part 2

Continuing the previous post as promised - a haul of the things that I bought. When I went to Italy I do want to admit that I spent a little over my budget. Oh well.

Milan & Designer Outlet – Part 1

The blog has been a little bit quiet over the summer and there's a reason for that. I went on vacation. One week was spent in Italy, another was spent going to different places in Germany and the last week was spent finally preparing the small things for college. However, it wouldn't be a good post without sharing the interesting things that were discovered and brought home. Ladies and gentlemen (if there are any men reading) I present to you my summer.


Last week I was in Prague. It was a study trip, but that didn't stop me from a "little" shopping. I didn't buy clothes, however, I bought a lot of makeup, and some jewelry. Have a look.

I stopped by Sephora a couple of times, and kept my eye on the Too Faced Natural Eye kit since day one. On the last day I decided to buy it, and haven't regret it. I also got the Essie top coat, Sephora nail polish remover, and a Too Faced primer.