Ramadan Vlog Days 20-23

Ramadan is almost ending and so are my “daily” vlogs for this month. The last couple of days are usually quite boring because people are getting ready for Eid, which is the day we celebrate the ending of a month of fasting. My outfit for Eid has been ordered and I’m pretty much ready for the big day. I’m not sure if I’ll be filming any more videos leading up to the day, but we’ll see if anything exciting comes up. Hope you enjoy this video!

Ramadan Vlog Days 7-16(ish)

After what feels like a lifetime I finally posted the newest vlog, which happens to be very short. Last week was not a good week for me. I was doing too many things and had to take a break as well because of an annoying wisdom tooth that just wouldn’t stop hurting. So, here’s a super short video. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Ramadan Vlog 4-6

Hey loves. Finally posted the vlog for day 4-6! I’ve been having some problems getting this video uploaded, but nonetheless it’s up and running. I might combine the vlogs for week two in one video next time. Hope you enjoy!

Ramadan Day 3

Hey loves. I didn’t get a chance to upload day 3 yesterday because my computer was having an internal fight, so here it is.

Ramadan Vlog Day 1 + 2

This year I decided to join the Ramadan vlogging series, where I share everything I do for this entire month. This is basically equivalent to the 24 days of Christmas and Vlogtober everyone else makes. Hope you enjoy this series!