Links I Love

I love when people take some time out of their day to share links they found useful, funny or relatable, so why not join the club. You might find something interesting on this list (crossing my fingers!). Here’s a list of links that captivated me. Everyone’s going crazy over Kanye West’s new shoe collection. Buzzfeed’s list of 32 products that’ll change your life. I’ve already made a wishlist. This chair is all I need. The fact that Copenhagen Fashion Week got some glory . These rings are such a mood. This bravery. What really goes on behind the scenes during Fashion Week. This really cute home renovation Mia Maples did for her grandparents. James Clear’s article on habit tracking. I’ve already started doing it. Let’s hope it works. 🙂  

Ramadan Decorations

The month of Ramadan is again upon us and let’s hope this year will be full of blessings. For those of you who aren’t fasting or don’t know what Ramadan is – it’s a very special month for Muslims as we get to fast from dawn to sunset. We do it for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones are that we want to put ourselves in the places of the poor and really feel with them. It’s also the time of the year where the majority choose to reach out and help by donating clothes, money. Many also choose to cook them meals (especially if they live the areas). We like to help out all year round, but Ramadan seems to be the favorite time to do it.  Not everyone has to fast – children, elderly, pregnant women and people who are sick don’t have to, simply...

Highlights of the Week #3

Some weeks are just average, while others give a boost of happiness. Well, this week in particular has been super fun, interesting and different.  I filled you in on Tuesday, when my friends and I were walking around and seeing different places in Copenhagen. Even though, I’ve lived here for almost two years there are still so many places I haven’t seen yet. The beginning of the week was a little quiet, but I mean aren’t all Mondays like that? It started out with the video that I was supposed to upload on YouTube being completely deleted from my computer. Yeah, great start! But, without letting that ruin my day I decided to share another post a little earlier than planned. The day after, was when we went out to explore Copenhagen – at the same time my friend was taking over an international snapchat, where she was showing people...

Cozy Tuesday Around Copenhagen

Today was the day that I decided to be a tourist in Copenhagen. My roommate got to take over the snap for a broadcasting page and spent the entire day showing the people on snap around, so naturally I went as well. It was fun walking around and taking some pictures, but also super nice to do something different than the gym, school and working at home. We started off by walking around Strøget, then moved on to Nyhavn, went to Amalienborg Castle and then went to see The Little Mermaid. To tell the truth, I honestly thought that the statue would be much bigger.

Highlights of the Week #2

It’s been a week and it’s already time for the second part of the highlights of my week. Let me start out by saying that this week have been so uneventful that it’s crazy. I returned home on Monday from a really quick Easter holiday to then get ill the very same night. I know, the week couldn’t have started off way better than this. So, with a cold I had to wake up around 5 every morning to then travel 1.5 hours to get to the class that I’m currently taking. Not complaining, but not a great start. But, I do have some highlights that definitely will compensate for the downlights.