Color Inspo: Black & Blue

Bag: here, Stilettos: here, Shirt: here, Pants: here. It’s not a secret that one of my favorite colors is black. It’s a color that goes with everything and the simplicity of it makes it so versatile. I asked my roommate to pick a completely random color and she stopped for a moment, turned to look at me and chose blue, which is how this color combo came together. It’s a clever color combination because black and blue complement each other so well. I put together three outfits with the two colors black and blue and quite like the result.

Casual Day in Copenhagen

Saturday was quite a quiet day for roomie and I as we basically had no plans. She had to work and it was completely spontaneous that we decided that to take a little walk around Østerbro and take a few outfit pictures. The weather was amazing and the sun was shining so bright, it couldn’t get any better. We walked around a little and then saw some beautiful old buildings and immediately knew that we had found the perfect spot for the pictures. The shirt that I was wearing had been hanging in my closet for a long time and was just waiting to be taken outside.

February Favorites

Throughout February I got the chance to try out some new products, but I also started loving some things that I already had laying around. I ordered a couple of things online and bought some goodies on my recent trip to Hamburg, which I have a separate post here. This time I decided to film my February favorites and in the video you may notice that the background is a little bit different and that’s because I just got new lights – they’re two soft boxes that I got from Amazon, which my friend Morten from suggested to me and I really like them so far, but I still need to learn how to adjust them a little bit better to make it look more flattering.

Current Cravings – March

It’s finally Friday and I’ve been so busy with school these past two weeks that I haven’t had the time to do anything. I’m studying communication at the university that I go to and these past two weeks have been all about the speech workshop that I’m attending. It’s a really fun class that forces you to be out there and speak up. Today we had to present a 1.5 hour long presentation for the class and that felt like such a long time, but my group and I made it. Right after uni I had to buy some groceries for my apartment, which I also didn’t have the time for the past couple of days because the preparation time for the presentation took a long time. However, I’ve been working all week trying to put together a collage with all the things that I’m currently craving. It’s so hard...

Hamburg Haul

Primark has got to be one of my favorite stores, especially when it comes to inexpensive clothing. You’ll literally find anything in there – clothes, makeup and homeware. You name it! We went there on both days and the worst part about it is that no matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you’ve bought enough, it just doesn’t work. I know, this sounds like I have a major shopping issue and it probably is true. But, I’ve gathered all the things in one bag and filmed a haul with all the goodies that I bought from Primark as well as a beauty store called Douglas. If you do get a chance to visit the nearest Primark, please do! Meanwhile, click play and watch the video.