Fall Roses

I haven’t shared an outfit with you in a while now. Mainly because I didn’t have my cameraman aka my roommate available to take some shots and I had nothing to wear – first world problems, I know. Towards the beginning of October I convinced my roommate to come outside and take some pictures. The weather that day was really great and the leaves were already on the ground with a nice orange/brown color, basically the best fall day you could wish for. Even though fall isn’t my absolute favorite season, it’s still pretty cozy.


It feels like I find myself on ASOS more often than usual and every time that I’m on there I find something new and interesting that I want to order. It probably sounds like I have a shopping problem, but I rarely order things from ASOS – I just like to look. This time I found myself looking for some pretty similar things and they all involve long dresses, whether they’re in the form of a shirt, wrap-around or simple knit-dresses. It’s also almost time for me to go back to uni since my semester start is next Monday, so I’m definitely on the lookout for something to wear to classes when I want to look a little bit presentable. Besides that, it’s going to be cold very soon and I need something that’ll keep me warm as well, not that all my picks do, but they’re great fall picks.

Current Cravings – August

I feel like my style changes every month. Mostly it depends on my mood and the weather. This month I’ve been looking at different outfits that would be great for fall. My summer wardrobe is reaching its end and it’s almost time to embrace the darker colors. ASOS is literally my favorite webshop when it comes to fashionable clothing for great prices. I like to splurge on some designer items, but sometimes I also want something similar, but for a lower price.

YSL Cardholder

It is with great excitement and relief that I can finally get rid of my old cardholder that I purchased from Primark a while ago. I was in need of something to put my cards in and didn’t really like that they were swimming around in my bags. When I go out I usually carry a small bag, so having a wallet doesn’t always fit in there – hence the need for something a little bit smaller like a cardholder. 

Current Cravings – July 2017

It’s been a while since I updated the blog and just like last time my disappearance has seen the light because of all the work I had to do at home. We’ve been working on changing a lot of things at my parents place and my mom’s kitchen has been taking forever now. Who knew floors and a fridge would take such a long time? Definitely not me. But, time is on my side and last night I found some lovely things from ASOS that I couldn’t resist sharing with you and as little apology for leaving the blog so empty. I may be the one who’s over dramatic, but here are some great statement pieces to rock this summer!   {Trousers – ASOS, printed coat – ASOS, ruffle top – ASOS}