Products I Regret Buying

We’ve all been there. Casually strolling around the drugstore, Sephora or even better we went travelling and as we were there we decided that this particular product is going to change our lives for good, so we buy it. But! As we get back home and weeks, months or even years pass by we suddenly realize that maybe the reason that the very same product we bought on the very casual day maybe wasn’t worth it after all. I’ve been there and you would probably be lying to yourself if you said that you’ve never bought anything that you’ve regretted. I’ve done this so many times and will probably continue to do so. Being a beauty enthusiast really means that you’ve got this urge to just go out and try certain products because it has so many good reviews. Well, I’ve decided to come clean about it and I’m going...

My 7 Favorite Blushes

If there’s one makeup product I’ve come to love more than anything – it’s most definitely blush. Some blushes I love more than others, but from my makeup collection I’ve gathered 7 blushes that are my absolute favorites. You’ll notice that some of them are similar in color, but may differ in terms of the shine and matteness.

Bronzy Makeup Look

I’ve been wanting to do a bronzy makeup look on my friend for such a long time, but being caught up with school we just never had the time. However, the other day we promised each other that right after uni we would go straight to my apartment, eat some food, watch a quick reality show and THEN film a makeup tutorial. We kept our promise, even though we were starting to feel a little bit tired after the food. The look was supposed to be an everyday look, but we just kept talking and I had so many ideas in my head that the look turned a little bit towards an evening look, but by all means don’t hesitate to wear this look on an everyday basis. That would be pretty cool now that I think of it. We filmed the process and you can see how we got this...

Celesti – March 2017

Not long ago I received my second Celesti box in the mail. I excitedly opened the package and found a leather makeup bag in brown, a card and a big bow headband. This month’s theme is about being bold, vibrant and glowing with a focus on blushy cheeks, colorful eyes and nice skin. I opened the makeup bag and got happier and happier by each thing that I received. It’s as if every month gets better and this is only the second time I receive a Celesti bag and so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The first thing my hand reached out for was the OMG! 2-step mask and I was beyond thrilled. I’ve been wanting to try out the bubble mask for such a long time and it just happened to be in my second Celesti bag. They’ve become so popular on Instagram and almost every beauty guru has tried them out, so...

February Favorites

Throughout February I got the chance to try out some new products, but I also started loving some things that I already had laying around. I ordered a couple of things online and bought some goodies on my recent trip to Hamburg, which I have a separate post here. This time I decided to film my February favorites and in the video you may notice that the background is a little bit different and that’s because I just got new lights – they’re two soft boxes that I got from Amazon, which my friend Morten from suggested to me and I really like them so far, but I still need to learn how to adjust them a little bit better to make it look more flattering.