Find Out If You’re a Beauty Criminal: 9 Beauty Crimes You May Be Committing

Over the weekend, I came up with the idea of creating a fun list of the beauty crimes that a lot of us may be committing. I know, for certain that I have committed a couple of these in the past until I found out that they were “illegal” in the beauty world. Here are the 9 beauty crimes that you may be committing. There are most likely more than these, but these were the worst ones I could come up with. If you can nod yes to committing more than 4 of these crimes, then you’re a beauty criminal.

Current Cravings – April

  Another month, another current cravings post. I almost didn’t write this post, but decided that it had to be on the blog. It’s a monthly segment that deserves its moment. It may also have something to do with the fact that I literally got so many things this month that I couldn’t think of anything new. But! my mind has been refreshed and I’ve gathered a little collage of the things that are on my current cravings list or have been in a while now (like I said, my mind had to be refreshed.)

Another Primark Haul + Douglas, TK Maxx & More

The majority of the spring break was spent either painting the walls at the my parents place or helping around with some stuff my mom wanted to get rid off, so when we finally had some free time we decided to spend it in Hamburg. It’s only 2 hours away with the train, so why not take an entire day off with some fun. We enjoyed some delicious Turkish food, shopping in Primark and basically walking around.

Celesti – April 2017

Another month, equals another Celesti box and just like the previous boxes that I’ve received I’m super excited about this month’s box. April’s theme is called “Spring Forward” and is all about embracing the new spring weather and being brave enough to mix up some things in your routine, which I’m all for. The minute I opened the package I was beyond thrilled because there was a product that I’ve dying to try out, but never got around ordering one for myself to do so, so when I actually got it in the mail it was quite nice. I don’t know what it is about Celesti, but they are just so good at reading their customers and they really know how to pick out some good, trendy and current products that haven’t been tried out before.

March Favorites

It’s been a while, but I’m finally back on the blog. I’ve been so occupied with my exams last week, that I simply didn’t have the time to blog or anything, but I did manage to pre-film a March favorites that was supposed to go up last week, unfortunately that didn’t happen. However, here is the March favorites video. Hope you enjoy!
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