The Secret to Amazing Skin? Australian Bodycare!

If I had to pick something that I find really important when it comes to beauty, I would have to say skincare. Taking care of your skin is such an essential step to having gorgeous and flawless looking skin, but also making sure that your makeup looks spot on. I really notice a difference in terms of how my makeup turns out when my face has had the proper preparation beforehand. This is probably a no brainer to many of you already, but to those of you that don’t know, or sometimes choose to be lazy (I do it too sometimes), please take care of your skin! It’ll thank you for it. A while ago I was introduced to a brand called Australian Bodycare, which is a brand that specializes in all kinds of skin care, whether it’s for the face, body etc. What’s even better about this brand is...

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Soft Glam & Amrezy Highlighter

I’ve been a fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ products for quite some time now. Their products are very pigmented, luxurious and generally so pretty to look at. It was back in February/March that they announced that there would be a new eyeshadow palette coming out called “Soft Glam” and as enthusiastic as a I am about makeup, I immediately decided that I was going to buy it whenever Cult Beauty add it to their webshop. Later on, it came to my attention that Amrezy was doing a collaboration with the brand and created a highlighter together. Christmas came waaaay too early this year. Since I’m an April child, I figured that I would spoil myself a little earlier, so during the middle of March I received an email from Cult Beauty saying that they had an offer going on where they were giving out free ABH matte lipstick sets with...

Fragrance of the Month: H&M – Cashmere Haze

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on the blog. Basically life happened and I fell into the trap of writer’s block and lots of other things that fall into the category of “lame excuses.” I’ve been wanting to post something for such a long time, but simply couldn’t find the inspiration, so I decided to put off anything blog related. Buuut, I’m back and have some good and juicy content coming up. A while ago I purchased a fragrance from H&M, which is quite atypical me. I usually don’t buy anything from the beauty section of H&M, except this one time where they had the most amazing liquid liner, but they discontinued it and it broke my heart into 1000 pieces and it was probably the first/only time that I ever had my heart broken, but it was really good. My life was super dramatic at 18,...

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

It wasn’t that long ago that the new desert dusk palette by Huda Beauty came out, and as the devoted fan that I am – I had to get it. It was a Monday morning that Cult Beauty sent out an email announcing that the palette was ready to be sold. It didn’t take me that long to throw it in the basket and click “order.” A couple of days went by and I was suddenly a Huda Beauty product richer. I didn’t really get a chance to swatch the colors completely as I wanted to film a video where I play around with the colors and talk a little bit about it. This time the look became quite bronzy, but I definitely want to do a look that’s more purple toned in the future.

Celesti – August 2017

I’ve been getting Celesti bags for a couple of months now. Some have been really good and others average, but I haven’t been completely disappointed with anyone yet – this month is not a disappointment, don’t worry. However, I do think that the content has been pretty average and a little bit boring except for a product or two. This month’s theme is called “Glam Life” and is about creating a glamorous look with the products given.