Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette

It wasn’t that long ago that the new desert dusk palette by Huda Beauty came out, and as the devoted fan that I am – I had to get it. It was a Monday morning that Cult Beauty sent out an email announcing that the palette was ready to be sold. It didn’t take me that long to throw it in the basket and click “order.” A couple of days went by and I was suddenly a Huda Beauty product richer. I didn’t really get a chance to swatch the colors completely as I wanted to film a video where I play around with the colors and talk a little bit about it. This time the look became quite bronzy, but I definitely want to do a look that’s more purple toned in the future.

OMG! I Tried a Bubble Mask

A while ago I received a bubble mask with my Celesti bag. I’ve been wanting to try it out for such a long time, but I just didn’t have the time to pamper myself. However, looking at how dull and tired my skin had become, I realized that it was time to give it some care. Oh, and before I continue with this review I just want to apologize for the horrible eyebrows. No one is perfect.

DIY Rose Scrub

I love a good scrub, especially the one by Zoella, but lately I’ve been really into using as few products as possible on my skin, which is why I decided to make a sugar scrub with roses. I’ve made this scrub so many times and I always run out, so I thought that I’d share the ‘recipe’ on the blog with you guys, so you can try it too. My mom had just bought a bouquet of red roses, so I decided to steal one from her and a second for decoration (you know, for the picture.) Sugar is really moisturizing and helps get rid of dead skin cells, which gives you a nice and smooth finish. Roses don’t just smell nice, they also have great skin benefits. They’re known to be antibacterial and can actually help relax the skin. Coming from a Middle Eastern family I’ve grown up with...

Celesti – August 2017

I’ve been getting Celesti bags for a couple of months now. Some have been really good and others average, but I haven’t been completely disappointed with anyone yet – this month is not a disappointment, don’t worry. However, I do think that the content has been pretty average and a little bit boring except for a product or two. This month’s theme is called “Glam Life” and is about creating a glamorous look with the products given.

Celesti – June 2017

Here the other day I received June’s Celesti bag. With huge excitement I went home and opened the package to discover that the theme of this month is called “All Eyes On You,” which is about stealing the stage and getting all the attention drawn to you. Some of the products are from a brand called Starlooks, which is completely new to me, but I do have to say that I’m crazy about the pigmentation and how well the application is. To make the unboxing a little more interesting I decided to make a video showing you all the things that were in the bag as well as swatch, so don’t forget to press play!
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