Welcome to City of Fashionistas!

My name is Zeinab Al-Hussaini, I’m 24 years old and have a bachelor in Communication and IT. City of Fashionistas started back in 2012 after much thought and pushing myself. My love for the blogging world probably came to life in 2009 where I was googling random fashion items and happened to stumble upon different sites that didn’t look like normal webshops, but rather reviews written by ‘normal’ people.

Curious as I was, I started looking into different blogs and remember the first blogs I discovered and followed almost consistently through the years were Cupcakes and Cashmere and Confashions from Kuwait (which seems to be taken down at the moment). However, my love for fashion started when I was very young. My parents used to always buy me Barbie dolls, which might already sound like a cliche, but I loved the idea of dressing them up and giving them different looks, which then led me on to wanting to become a fashion designer, but realizing how little talent I had in that category I decided to go for second best.

It started with Fashion, Beauty & Beyond by Zeinab Al-Hussaini, but changed in August 2015 to City of Fashionistas.  I’m 100% honest about the products/trends that I share and would never showcase anything that doesn’t fit COF. City of Fashionistas is a place for anyone who’s a fashion and beauty enthusiast. I love to share my travel destination as well as anything lifestyle related. The mission is to inspire as many people as possible, but also show that hijabi’s can be fashionable too.

You can find me on Instagram.