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Jane Kønig Diamond Love Tag


Not long ago I was invited to a Jane Kønig event. The night was cozy and it was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers and have a little chat over a nice dinner. During the event a necklace was given to me, which was super nice of them. So, the day after I ordered a necklace, but since I wanted the heart shaped Love Tag with diamonds I had to wait a little longer as it was sold out, so the other day I got a message saying that I could pick it up from the nearest post office.

I chose the heart because it wouldn’t make sense to me to just choose one letter. For me the heart signifies all the people that I hold dear in my life and it doesn’t have to come down to one letter to prove it. Whether it’s my family or friends, those who mean a lot to me know who they are. The diamonds are there because I’m just a little bit extra and  love a little bit of glam. I quite like the simplicity of the necklace and how it’ll give any outfit a little spice. The reason why I didn’t order a chain with it was because I already have one lying in my drawer, so why not use it with this.

If you’re interested in getting a Love Tag or any other jewelry from Jane Kønig, you can do so here.


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New In: Marc Jacobs - Decadence