Highlights of the Week #3

New In: Marc Jacobs – Decadence


This isn’t going to be the first time that I declare my love for Marc Jacobs and definitely not the last, but I have to say it every time I talk about anything that has something to do with Marc Jacobs. I love him, I love the brand and I love every single product of theirs, which is why the next part won’t be any shocker. This perfume is pure genius and I love that it isn’t like the average perfume bottle and the scent is amazing. Every perfume bottle from Marc Jacobs is different and you can tell that a lot of thought goes into designing every product. I’ve been wanting this perfume for such a long time, but never got it for myself. So, the other day I was shopping and thought to myself that it was time to splurge a little bit.

The perfume bottle looks like a bag and has a gold chain on the cap, where the top part resembles a emerald green python pattern. It’s meant to be sophisticated and different from the typical floral scents that the well known ‘Daisy’ perfumes have. Apart from that the scent is a little bit heavier, so it’ll be perfect for special occasions. I wouldn’t wear this perfume on a daily basis, but rather save it for something special. I’m not a scent expert, but I would say that it has a tint of wood, which also makes it more sensual and luxurious.


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Highlights of the Week #3